Nimbus equinox yes or no

Ok, so I’ve been trials for a while now and I’m looking to do something different. So I want to get into like street/freestyle riding. I currently ride on a nimbus blizzard trials unicycle which is way to heavy for tricks.
So i found this What do you think?

what you have should be fine but if you want to get i would say get it!

I don’t recommend it. At least, not the hub, everything else is fine (I ride/rode an Exquinox myself).

Maybe you should just get the frame, as all the other parts (except hub and tyre) are the same.

The frame alone seems to be out of stock at UDC, but you can call them and check if they are re-stocking them anytime soon.


On the other hand, no.

That hub is not designed for anything “aerial”, it will bend/twist.

Unicycles are not heavy, and the difference in weight between a street uni and a trials unis is mostly in the tire, so just get a lighter tire and go from there.

I started with a Nimbus Blizzard trials uni. That blizzard tire is very heavy. I recently switched to a Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

Hard to believe, but the brand new Maxxis was half a pound lighter than a very well-used Blizzard.

It’s wierd, the description says it has the equinox hub, but the picture looks like the normal hub. The equinox on says it comes with the normal hub. You could send them an email but I’m pretty sure it comes with the normal hub and not the equinox, so it shouldn’t be weak.

As others said, a lighter tire and the equinox frame would give you the same unicycle for half the price.