Nimbus Equinox v. KH Trials/Longneck

I have a Nimbus Muni 29 and Muni 24, lots of fun but slow-going progress in my mid-40s with limitations from age-related balance, lack of time with family/work responsibilities, and realistic inhibition. Over a year (re: time limitations) and I’m finally free-mounting reasonably well and getting onto dirt and grass as well as pavement. I’m just under 5’9", 165ish lb.

Would like to get into more tricks with a 19-20" wheel, probably along the freestyle or flatland range. Doubt significant drops (re: inhibition).

I have been considering the Nimbus Equinox, currently on sale for $350, or a Kris Holm Trials or Longneck Street, at $599 ($549 at Hayneedle but trust the UDC service more).

Any particular opinions? I suspect both are overkill for what I would subject them to, but would rather buy once. That said, if cheaper item is better, I’ll take that.


They are very different unicycles. Your inclination to avoid drops suggests the equinox. It is much lighter, and well suited to traditional freestyle on the ground. The aluminum spindle in the hub makes it less desirable for tricks that involve high hops like unispins. Anything that will result in potentially hard landings would point to the KH.

Both very nice uni’s.

Thanks for the reply. Having nobody nearby who rides and no shops nearby I have difficulty understanding the difference between the models, other than to know they are the flagship for each company within the category of “trials.” I am inclined to think the KH is more bulletproof but in the forums see probably more pictures of broken KH frames and hubs. Perhaps that is a bias of more aggressive riders using the KH. Is the Equinox lighter, thus more responsive?

Please explain how the choice of components for each makes for such a different unit. I’m sorry for what seems a naïve question.

Again, I’d gladly pay the cash for the better uni but don’t know which it would be.

There is more pictures of broken KH frames etc because more people have been riding KH for longer (blue KH frames have been made since 2007, Aluminum Nimbi are really quite new.)

The normal Equinox is a very nice freestyle using relatively normal lightweight parts.

The Equinox Street (the one that is on sale) has a trials wheel complete with a chro-mo hub. It is still going to be lighter than a KH but not by nearly as much as you would think based on the UDC description. For some reason the street is listed as the same weight as the standard Equinox which just can’t be right.

From your description I don’t think you need or even necessarily want the trials wheel as it makes the unicycle heavier and bit less nimble. Fat tires do have a cool factor though and can be nice off-road and for hopping.

Just looking at the two unicycles you posted I would say that the KH longneck is nicer, but not $250 nicer.

If you’re not looking to do drops or otherwise become airborne, you might want to get something with a true 20" wheel so that you have a better choice of tires. For freestyle riding, you’ll often want to have a tire that’s relatively slim and hard, and those aren’t generally available in 19," as far as I know.

I agree with the other posters that a ISIS hub freestyle is probably the way to go. Though you said you are interested in flatland type tricks, which could mean a lot of things. If you are interested in leg wraps, that’s one thing, but if you think you may want to get in to unispins, then that involves some jumping and hopping. Though your inhibition would make me think that unispins would not be your thing.

Both are great unis. If I were you I’d go with the nimbus.

Some clarity…

Here are the links for both machines:
Nimbus Equinox Street Unicycle
Kris Holm Trials and Street

The unicycles we are talking about are not Freestyle unicycles, but Street/trails/flatland unicycles. So they all have CrMO ISIS hubs. They are all super robust and neither should cause problems for the roll that uneurcyclist describes.

If you consider strength alone, then the Nimbus wins on wheel as it has the Nimbus hub and Dominator 2 rim. The cranks on the KH are stronger as they are made from 7050 Aluminium where as the Ventures II are made from 6061 Aluminium. The saddles are the same. Seatpost, both are great and we see very few failures of either. The latest generation of the frames are both great, we now see relatively few failures of the KH and have never seen many of the Nimbus (which by the way has been produced since 2007!).

Function, they are different and it is down to preference. I do believe that the KH is better for the side hops used in trials as it has the bigger tyre, but the Nimbus is better for freestyle crossover tricks like stand up, gliding and coasting.


Thank you everybody for your generous input. I don’t post much as I have little meaningful knowledge to add, but I have enjoyed browsing since first evolving from 'bent to one wheel.

Yes, for clarification, I referred to trials type models as I want the flexibility to eventually grow into uncharted skills without worrying about busting my hub and cranks. I have seen several suggestions here of a trials uni able to be used fairly universally.

My inhibition to drops refers to those ridiculous hops and jumps from rock to concrete to log to floor that I see these young 'uns doing. Being out of commission gets very inconvenient and expensive as a professional and father of several. But things like unispins, how hard can they really be (says the guy just working on idling…)?

I recently bought the Nimbus Equinox street/trials and was very specific as to the purpose that I was planning to use it for - side hops, big hops and drops.

I called them and were told by the manager that the equinox should handle 5 ft drops with no problem as long as I roll out of it.

At $316, I got that and have done 3ft drops so far without issue. I’m a light 145.