Nimbus Equinox Freestyle

I’m selling my 20" Nimbus Equinox. It’s just one of the best freestyle uni out there.

It’s like new, never molested. Haven’t used it much as I no longer have access to an indoor space. Rarely been outside, I prefer bigger wheels for that.

Cranks Nimbus 100mm
Long neck frame - 400mm
KH Fusion Street Gel saddle
Extremely rare black Runber-X pedals.
Ultra light Foss tube

It’s almost new.
Drop it under a Christmas tree and no one will spot that it wasn’t delivered from UDC the day before.

Will ship to France, and Europe - neighbor countries is relatively cheap, don’t know about further away.

It’s yours for 290€

French ad is here, with photos:

I’m in the U.S., but good luck with the sale and here are the pictures inline:

already sold to a friend in France

Perfect! I am not sure, but I think you can close the thread by going to thread tools and selecting it. I think people will see, anyways, though. Congrats to your friend!

Yep it’s going to a different town in the country. I’ll miss it as it’s a beautiful uni, the lightest I own and all that jazz… but let’s be real, I’ll never be a freestyler!