Nimbus E-Sport 24 for Race / Athletism


I’m selling a Nimbus E-Sport 24 for athletism races in “standard” category Unicycle in very good condition

Wheel 26"X1"
Frame black anodized aluminum
Hub ISIS aluminum narrow (92mm)
Cranks QU-AX 125mm lighter than original Nimbus Venture
Pedals MKS very light
Seat tube brand new, to be adjusted to legs lenght

Weight : 3.785 kg only !

Price : 260€ (339€ as new at Municycle)

Hi bouin-bouin,

Is this unicycle still for sale?
What is the minimum leg length (assuming a cut down seat post)? I need a minimum leg length of 62 cm (to suit an 8 y.o.).
Will you ship to Australia?

Cheers, Ben

Basically the E-Sport is from 64cm according to Municycle Shop but my saddle (Impact Naomi) is slimmer, so might be compatible ? How to Check it ?

I think I have a short seat post at home and can simulate it. I can also calculate shipping cost

It is the distance from the top of the seat to the top of the pedal when the seat is down and the pedal is at the bottom of its stroke. In other words, when sitting on the seat how far do your legs need to stretch to reach the pedals?

Oh, you mean how to simulate it without cutting the seat post. You can measure the total length and then subtract the length of the seat post between the top of the frame and the bottom of the seat.

No news from Ben even by private message so this very nice unicycle is still available


could I still buy this uni?


Hi, basically it’s sold out with a spare wheel 24x2.1" that I’m building right now. I will inform you soon

sold out !