Nimbus, DX, or Qu-ax Crossfire Trials

I am going to attempt to learn to unicycle. I am thinking I would ride a street/trials/flat combination. I weigh about 100 pounds and am five foot. I think I will either get-
Nimbus trials-http://

Qu-ax crossfire trials- cant find link
Torker DX-http://

Any help, uni suggestions, or tips would be apprecited.
Also I wouldn’t be able to get kh moments on the nimbus.

All three of them are very good unicycles, but if I were you I would take the Nimbus Trials. Make sure you get Moment cranks on it, and that unicycle will last a LONG time.

I would go with the Nimbus but would not necessarily get the KH cranks quite yet.

The cranks are the weak spot on the Nimbus but they should last you quite a while if you are still learning.

hey! im about the same size but weigh less and want to do similar things. I have a cheapie one to learn on first til i know more what i will need.

hows that nimbus trials different from this one, Nimbus street? looks like the frame can be cut and the fork seems to be flatter/better for flat. i will probably get one of the nimbus unis after i smash this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would get the Nimbus cbs posted because the frame is better for flat and the Nimbus trials frame may hit you in the legs(not sure of this one).

The difference is that the street has the nimbus X frame which would be nicer for freestyle and standup tricks but has a weaker seatpost.

So Nimbus X street - better for tricks
Nimbus II trials - stronger

nimbus trials

I have a few more questions about the nimbus trials.

  1. Has anyone had problems with the frame ripping their pants?

  2. Does anyone know when UDC is re-stocking the nimbus trials?

You want the Nimbus Trials. If you’re planning to do any flip tricks at all, you can forget about the Nimbus Street. Flip tricks are notorious for snapping/bending posts, and a 22.2 seatpost will get destroyed.

this would happen even if the frame is cut down (5’ tall)?
even if the person weighed under 100 lbs?

Cutting the frame down would just make the post easier to bend. Maybe weighing less than one hundred pounds would lighten the stress on the post, but I still think the Trials will be better.

ok dood, something to think about. just i sk8ed aggressive on plastic plates on roller sk8s, everyone said they would snap and didnt break them so now i wonder since im light.

btw, flip tricks are spinning the bike? im new, sorry. :o

ill try to break my 16" torker cx first, then i can legitimately get a good uni! :smiley:

A trick is a “flip trick” when spinning the cranks is involved.

I cannot do crankflips. But, from what I’ve observed, weight is not the issue involved with breaking posts. It seems that the upward force exerted on the handle snaps the post where the seat screws on. This has more to do with strength than weight. I could be entirely wrong about this part though, so don’t take my word for it.

I recommend the Nimbus Trials.
It is stronger.

thanx! i guess its good i have a cheapie to learn on as i dont know yet what ill be able to do or enjoy most. good thing they r out of stock on trials too. my dr. hasnt given me the ok to ride yet from a broken arm so i have time. if i cant flip it, ill do the street. if i suck at trials and like standup tricks more, ill get street. otherwise ill get the trials it seems and extra pair of pants. :stuck_out_tongue:

one more question

What lengh cranks do you reccomend for learning, street, trials, and flat? I was thinking either 137s or 125s.

My one friend found it nearly impossible to learn on a KH with 137mm cranks.

I would get the 125mms for now, and when you break them you can decide what length you want(whether you want more control for trials or like the increased roll speed and smoother rotation of the 125s for street/flat, or like some people maybe more leverage for flips).

137s are really overkill until you start doing fairly technical trials type things.

You may also want to consider getting a cheaper learners uni until you get the basic skills down.


I found out that UDC is re-stocking the nimbus at the end of January. I still want to kinow if anyone has had problems with their pants ripping on this frame.

I’ve ridden a similar frame(profile pic) and I hit my legs on it a lot and got my pants caught in it once or twice. I do however think the Nimbus frame has a slimmer profile so it might not be the same.