Nimbus Drak 29er - Like New

Hey everybody, I have a almost new Nimbus Drak for sale. I ordered it with a Big Apple road tire on it so if you want a true Drak you just need to buy a maxxis Ardent tire, everything else is the same. I also have two other sets of crank arms. I believe it has 150 or 165mm on it, and I have some 125’s and something in-between that I will include with the sale. I also purchased this with the upgraded Kris Holm freeride saddle which I will include. I have the original box and everything so it will look like it came from the factory. The only sign of wear is on the handle on the front of the saddle where I dropped it a few times trying to learn to ride. Its just scuffed and easily replaced if it bothers anyone.

I am asking $350 shipped, and I am only shipping to the USA.

I am selling because this is my first unicycle and I just couldn’t learn to ride it. I probably should not have started with a 29er.

I will try to post pictures shortly.

Get a used 20" or 24" to finish learning. Keep this uni if you have the room, you’ll grow into it. :wink:

That thought did cross my mind. I probably wont be able to afford another UNI until next year though unless I sell this one.

Don’t sell it

You can get a 24" TORKER for $75 or less. I’d bet someone on this forum has a used learner uni they could sell you for much less than retail.

Have you posted a WANTED first?

Keep the 29er… it was a bad choice for learning. But once you learn, you’ll be glad you have it.

If you have lost motivation to ride a unicycle… that’s a different story. You need to really “want it” the first couple of months. Once you get through that gauntlet, however, you will be hooked for life.

Ya, where do you live? You can go on craigslist and find learner unis in the 30-75 dollar price range.

If you haven’t tried for several hours at least, keep trying for quite a while. Also make sure you have the longest cranks on that you own.

Or just sell it, but It’s unlikely to sell at that price anyway.

Yea its really a good UNI to have in the quiver so I may just keep it. If nobody is interested in the next few days I will keep it around and find a learner UNI.