Nimbus custom stealth

Whats the deal with this one? Is it like a cross between a road and a muni? I cant find a real description of it anywhere

Here is a complete description of a 29" Stealth Custom from UDC USA:

It may very depending on the country or seller.

I don’t understand the technical jargon though. What’s the difference in performance between the SC and the regular 29" road? Is it worth the extra money?

Looks like the Stealth Custom has aluminum frame with disk brake brackets, the others have steel frames with no disk brake brackets. That is a $100 upgrade.
The Stealth Custom has a off road tire with longer cranks, more for off road use then the road models.

Other then that there does not seem to be much difference. Just depends on what is needed.

Suitable for muni, you think?

Yes, it is similar to the Nimbus 29" Oracle Mountain. Just no brake but that could be added later because the frame already has the disk brake brackets.

It’s a mix of parts that, from what I can see aims at someone who rides some trails without seriously steep parts, but still wants a light unicycle.

Not as capable as a KH or Mad4one or Nimbus Oracle out of the box, but also cheaper than those. That’s mostly due to not having a brake as standard. Lighter than a Nimbus Muni (the one with a steel frame). Better for doing some trails through the forrest than a nimbus road, due to it’s tire.

I am pretty sure this is was created by udc us to get rid of some parts on the shelf (old venture cranks, old KH 29" rim), but well, it seems like a pretty good setup to me, and there is nothing wrong with those parts.

Whether a unicycle is good for the road or for Muni mostly depends on the tire and other setup choices (crank length, handlebars, seat height.)

Random rant: People throwing the blanket name “Muni” over everything from riding a flat gravel path to Downhill with big drops is something that annoys me. Especially when asking the question “is X capable for Muni?”, more information is needed.