Nimbus Custom Help Please!?!?

I have just recently been approved of a $5000 sponsorship!! Anyways I got a Nimbus Vegas and have heard the hubs on it can snap after hardcore trials. Does anyone know of a strong hub that I could purchase , that would fit on this Unicycle? All help is appreciated.

Thanks for your help!
Marc A. Rogers

Check these out… What sponsor? And what does that 5k translate to? Just curious.

I’m sponsored by They allow me to put items that I need or want on their site and send it to them, and they will send it to me shipping free. Seems to be pretty good so far.

Could you please tell me of any that have snapped? None have ever been reported to our knowledge.


I would get a KH js

The nimbus hubs are pretty damn strong. I would get a Mad4One or a KH titanium if you want something super strong.

KH titanium are definately NOT stronger than CrMO hubs.

The Mad4One hubs are also CrMO, so are going to be in the same region of strength.