Nimbus Cranks.

Ok I want to buy the Nimbus trials unicycle. I have heard that the cranks are pretty weak. I don’t have much money so which ones are better? The bicycle euro’s or the Nimbus X’s? I don’t have enough money to buy a splined set so which one out of these two? Ok say I got the KH cranks would they fit on a nimbus axle?

I haven’t used either the Nimbus or the BEs, but I heard good things about both.

I do know that KH cranks (or any other splinded cranks) will NOT work on the Nimbus axle.


I had the standard cranks on for a while and they held up fine until I got splined set up. The Bicycle Euros are pretty good, I had them on my muni before I got a KH set, though I did bend two sets, though they were 150s and 170s. I think the Nimbus X cranks are lighter, but apart from that I don’t know.

the BE 125’s take awhile to bend but once they start going they go quickly or mine did, i went through 2 sets, theyre cheap and good value though.
for the price of the nimbus x cranks in addition to the nimbus trials uni cant you get a Qu-ax splined trials uni, well more or less anyway?

i have found that square tapered cranks are really unreliable. I have had Sun generic cranks that lasted for months, United cranks that lasted for under an hour, and BE cranks that lasted for a weekend. I have the nimbus x cranks on my muni right now and have ridden muni maybe four or five times with them. they have not bent yet, but still they have lasted longer than the United cranks and about the same as the BE cranks.

so my suggestion is for the nimbus x cranks, but if you did a poll, i think more people would suggest the BEs.

plus, try searching for threads about this, as there are quite a few. there are probably some one the first or second (or third) page of the Product Reviews section.

I’m more worried about the KH cranks fitting the frame. It seems that something with a 140mm length will hit the frame when they reach the top of a rotation. The reason I say this is because the Nimbus frame gets wider further up the frame. I’ll have to test that out some time, unless one of you guys know what the deal is.

Back on topic: The stock Nimbus cranks on the Nimbus trials are pretty good, but they will bend if you do more than a few big drops. The Nimbus X cranks are stronger, but will bend in the same fashion as the originals. I’d say just save up around $200 and get a splined hub and crank set. I have not used the BEs, so I cannot offer an opinion.

thats wrong, i have KH crank and hub on my nimbus, and it goes perfect, i had 2 put in a couple of extra spacers to make the bearings fit the frame a bit better, but i have had no real dramas.

my 140s dont hit, but it is very close, maybe about 4mm clearances, but it doesnt seem to have any effect otherwise

Do you mean you have the KH splined cranks and regular nimbus hub or that you have a KH splined hub and crankset?

lol whoops! im a stupid idiot, i read that wrong. i read it as if you meant that an ENTIRE splined hub and crankset wouldnt work…i have the full set. now seeing what you meant, no splined cranks wouldnt work on the axle :slight_smile: