nimbus cranks

Hey everyone,
I am looking to buy my little brother a entry level trials uni and i was thinking of buying him the nimbus 20 inch from, i was just wondering what crank set and hub it comes with and what a good upgrade would be for it…and maybe even if possible telling me how much it would cost. Or if it even needs to be upgraded.

Thanks a Bunch,

Collin Jones

For the most part, the parts are pretty good. I think they only thing that will need to be replaced are the cranks. The Bike Euros are pretty good, but they might be a bit heavy. The Nimbus X cranks are pretty good as well, and lighter because it’s aluminum.

The Nimbus is a pretty sweet ride for the price. It’s not as good as a KH, but it’s a whole lot cheaper.


thanks daniel, the only question i have now is with the nimbus x cranks it syas not suitable for heavy jumping, what qualifies as heavy jumping? Thanks again


I just got a set of Nimbus X cranks Friday and did about 6-7 miles of MUni on them Saturday. I really like them, they’re quite stiff and feel very light, plus they look really cool :smiley: :smiley: