Nimbus crank stripped out in 1/2 Hour

The problem is that on the right hand crank the pedal is stripping the threads from the crank. This unicycles is less than 1/2 hour old and has not been ridden hard at all. It has the factory cranks from
:angry: :thinking: :frowning: :frowning:
I called and they said for my size I should get the KH cranks.
And what about peddels?

Is this a major problem for other people too?

I’m 6’-5" 250lbs

Is there a bunch of defective cranks out on the market that have been recalled?

This is very dissapointing in a new unicycles, I would like help to sort out the problem if it is possible.

Thanks for your help.


If that has happened it is becuase you either have the pedals not on the correct corresponding crank (each pedal is threaded in a different direciton; left is clockwise to undo), or you have your cranks the wrong way round, (or you are riding with the seat, or frame backwards) etc.

If it is so bad that you need new cranks, then yes, KH moments are probably the best hybrid crank out there.

Ps to check your pedals/cranks, you should find either an ‘‘L’’ for left , or ‘‘R’’ for right on the inside of each crank, and the same lettering on the inside face of the pedal axle. Check both L’s and R’s are together and they are on the right side.



I worked in a bike shop in college lacing wheels. Believe me I know left for right and my thread directions.:slight_smile:
And yes the peddels were tight.

They so they were spinning against the natural turn of the cranks, example - my right crank spins clockwise, and to tighten the pedal it is spun the opposide (counter-clockwise)… This is what should happen… I’m not sure what will keep them tight if they are getting loose unless you take a wrench and tighten it onto the little pedal twister, or use a pedal wrench, and hit whatever your using with a hammer to super torque it.

Torked to 30 ft-lbs.

The peddle was not lose while riding it pulled off with all the treads from the crank on the peddle and yes left was left and right was right. Torked to
30 ft-lbs.

I don’t believe you.

I’m about 6ft and 240 myself. I’ve had no problems with any of my Nimbus’ I’ve ordered thru UDC. I’ve had 2 Nimbus’ 24" and a coker, all of which came from UDC.

Sounds to me like you had something in the wrong position for it to strip out in 1/2 hour of riding.

Yeah well if they did strip while the pedals were in the right cranks and tight, than the cranks were faulty. Your best bet is to get KH moments, like UDC recommended. Maybe they will discount the KH ones because the last ones were faulty. Whatever happened have fun with riding afterwards!

Doubt it.

I was not trying to patronise you; jskmetcalf, just telling you. The reasons given about wrong pedals in wrong cranks are pretty much the only thing that would have made your cranks strip - it is probably the most common thing people do wrong - unless all of this ‘‘half an hour’’ of riding, was backwards?

I had the same problem whit my Nimbus pro, just after some minutes they were loose and I had to tighten the pedals hole time…now I have bought KH moments cranks and they are much better, not loose the pedals at all.


Your responses sound nasty.
Face the facts your to big to play with unicycles unless u loose some weight :astonished:

No not angry, just bummed out.

No not angry, just bummed out.
UDC was supper and very understanding.
I ordered the KH cranks and thinking of getting some new pedals.
Any pedal suggestions?

I really liketwisted PC from odessy

They are light, cheap, large, and the plastic pins rip less skin in the summer, when I usually don’t wear leg gear.

I believe you have the uni correctly assembled, and that your pedals were in tight on the correct side.

Let this be a caution to the inexperienced who hit their wrench with a hammer or put a pipe on it and “get it as tight as they can”. This may work when you are 100 lbs in 9 th grade. But as you grow stronger, you will break bolts and strip threads using these crude techniques.

When you tighten steel threads into soft alum , there is an optimum tightness beyond which the steel threads will turn in the alum threads , pulling them out.

I am pretty sure that in this case, the pedals were installed to tight. You should have better luck with moments, with their tool steel thread inserts.:wink:

Kind of late now, but wouldn’t asking for a replacement on those cranks be the easier option?

May I suggest these tools for installing your new pedals?


In what universe are those wrenches good!?!?
if it were up to me those wrenches would be elegal I have had so many %$#@ bloody nukes because of those %$#@ wrenches…

just use the right tool it’s a 15 mm wrench

indeed, also adjustable spanners are often too thick to fit on the flat on the pedal shaft.

Indeed, and then you’ll find that if you have bashed the wrench round with the hammer you will have wedged it inbetween the crank and pedal!

You all realize I was joking right?

how is that funny???