Nimbus Boomerang

Hey, got to thinking today, I really need a freestyle uni to learn some tricks on.

So I’m selling my bike soon and may be looking into one. What I have been aiming at is the nimbus X freestyle version, maaaybe the street version O:-) (if they get back in stock soon)

anyway, I was browsing and noticed the boomerang and started wondering if anybody uses it seriously for freestyle or just tricks in general. There have to be some wide-wheel specific tricks out there. I know it weighs 17 lbs, but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t actually like the extra weight after being on the 36er for so long. I could throw my weight around a bit more on it.

pics? ideas? videos? thoughts?

Not to take away from anyone’s creativity, but I think if there were cool things you could do on one of those that you can’t do on other unicycles, we would know about it by now.

It’s also not the strongest wheel ever; it’s made for show much more than go. I’ve ridden one, and the main thing I remember about it was that it feels really odd when you make turns.


Wait for KH’s 20" coming out around April. Wide rimmed 20" freestyle unicycle. (not a 19" a true 20").

There is a thread about it floating around somewhere.

here it is

Yea, I have committed the bad deed of making a new thread without searching first : / I heard that about the rim not being tough. That’s a shame.

: P and you would think that about tricks, but sure enough somebody always comes up with some twist on an old prop and puts it to good use every juggling festival I go to. . . having said that, nothing comes to mind . . .

!! KH is building a freestyle . . . . and . . . I . . . have to wait . . . til . . . . APRIL !!! :’’’’’ ( probably will be out of my price range too :’(