Nimbus Boomerang 20-inch Unicycle

i have a few questions about this uni.

  1. how heavy is it?
    2.could i take out the spokes and hub? then get a spined hub and cranks and replace the other one?

thats all my questions so thanks.

reason i like it

th only reason I like it so much is because of the big tire and it looks cool.(i think atleast)

You cold relace it with a different hub, but the rim is weak so it wouldn’t be worth it.

anyone know how long the frame legs are? from the bottom of the crown to the bearing holders.

The hub that comes with it is very wide, you could replace it with a narower slined hub but hat would make the wheel even weaker. If you’re thinking about using it for trials don’t, the rim will break and that huge ture is very heavy and has no bounce in it.

ok thanks im not going to get it