Nimbus 'Blue Illusion' Frame (need to find one)

This is a desperate plea, and probably a long shot.

A few months ago I bought one of these frames for my 700c road uni, and now I want one to build up a matching Muni. Problem is, UDC doesn’t sell them anymore, and Josh is not willing to part out the Nimbus II Muni’s.

Please, if anyone out there has one that they haven’t used yet, I’d be really interested in buying it. Even if anyone has one that’s been slightly used, I’d be interested if it isn’t beat up.

I’m really hoping that someone has one in a box somewhere and is willing to let it go.

If it’s new, I will pay retail for it.

UDC specs this frame on the Nimbus II 29er Muni, and if you’ve recently bought and think you could sell the frame and get a different one, I’d appreciate it.



Here’s what it looks like:

Bump for today.

I know someone out there has got to have one of these they’d be willing to sell. Come on! :slight_smile:

Another idea:

Would anyone be willing to split the cost of a new Nimbus II 29er Muni? I’d take the frame and you’d have the wheelset?

Bumpity bump.

I was able to track down the powder coat used… In taiwan. So as a last resort, i can do that.

Itd really make my life easier though if someone had a frame to sell.

I have a thought but before I voice it I’m wondering why you don’t get the Oracle or KH frame? :slight_smile:

I like steel, and already have one of these frames on another uni. Im trying to match them. ‘twins’ :slight_smile:

whats your thought? Im open to suggestions.

Before I propose my crazy idea I’m wondering what else off a full Nimbus II unicycle would you want besides the blue illusion frame? :smiley:

Really, not a thing. I’d take the hub, but that would mean delacing the wheel, and the poor guy that got the rest of it would have a useless wheel set. If someone wanted to go in on one with me, I’d open the box, take out the frame, retape the box, and send it out (or vice-versa depending on who received said box).

PM sent. This is crazy I know :smiley:

I have that frame, and I’m not excessively attached to to. But it is moderately used, with some scratches, and I’d want something equivalent or better to replace it with, and for you to cover the costs of shipping back and forth. At the end of the day it might cost you a lot to get it.


Sam, could you send me some pics of the frame? Specifically any of the scratches. This frame will be a Muni frame, so it will get some dings in it.

UDC is offering free shipping through the end of March (SHIPMEFREE coupon), so depending on the condition of the frame, I’d pay the cost of the Drak frame (same cost as the blue illusion frame), and then your cost to ship me the blue frame.

$121.50 excellent condition…shipped to your door…29" nimbus blue illusion frame…it has the UDC medallion located where the nimbus decal is on yours. cant find any scratches…William

Pictures? PM sent.


heres some I just took outside in the dark…if you want more I can try again tomorrow…william

nimbus 009.jpg

nimbus 008.jpg

nimbus 007.jpg

Sorry, didn’t notice the pics in the thread before I PM’d you.

Your frame looks a bit ‘brighter’ than mine, but maybe that’s the lighting. Sorry, just want to make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to the color. :slight_smile: Also, is that a square taper hub? Did you shim the bearings?

Thanks for posting pics!


yes I did shim the bearings, with shims from UDC…and I think it is the lighting its darker in person…like your picture…but I have a couple more pictures showing the shim and color…

nimbus 013.jpg

nimbus 012.jpg

Okay, that looks much closer.

Thanks again for the pics.

Okay folks, looks like we found a frame. Thanks William!

Thanks everyone for the ideas, suggestions, and offers. I desperately wanted matching frames (cause I’m weird like that), and thanks to the wonderful people on this forum, I have been able to track one of these beasts down.

You guys are the best!



Good; flat you found a different one. I would have done the swap, but I prefer the frame I have. FWIW, here’s mine.

Sam, how much space do you have to the sides of that tire in that frame?