Nimbus Blizzard or Nimbus Vegas?

I am gonna buy one of these two unicycles and am wondering if any of you have used one of these? If so what did you think of it? Which one would you recommend? I’m planning on using it for trials and street just so you know. Thanks!

This is the Vegas;

This is the Blizzard;

They are the exact same unicycle, the only differences being the paint job and that the Blizzard has the Nimbus Blizzard tire instead of the Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

What Austin said, same thing, just compare parts.

Is this your first uni?

Nimbus Blizzard or Nimbus Vegus?

Thanks for the replies guys! No this is not my first unicycle, I have been riding for about 1 year and two months now, I think. Here’s my story; One day I wanted to but a unicycle, so I did! But I bought the cheapest one I could find, which is the Torker CX, I only bought this one because I wasn’t expecting to get to “into it”, welllll… I did! and iv’e ridden’ this uni so hard i’m really surprised I haven’t destroyed it (Street and trials)! For skill level i’d say about half way through intermediate, because iv’e just about pushed this unicycle to the limits! So i’m wanting to get a new one before I break it.

I have ridden a blizzard and a nimbus blue, the equivelent to the vegas, and i would say it comes down to the tire. The blizzard tire is nice because it doesnt leave tire scuffs and i believe it is lighter. The vegas has a creepy crawler . To me it has better grip and has a larger volume wich seems bouncier and gives more cusion.

Blizard: a tiny bit lighter
No tire scuffs

Vegas: bigger tire volume
More grip
Wears slower

i think you should go vegas. it also looks a bit cooler. the traction is very important

how much does a QUAX 20" Muni cost over there? A little more than these but I reckon it would be worth the extra dollars. probably $100 more, tough call, but I reckon the QUAX muni is hell of a lot stronger. my son rides a KH20 and I ride a QUAX 20" Muni and they compare very close. Both have stood up to some serious abuse for the past 2 years.

I’ve ridden a QUAX 20" trials for over six years, and the only thing I’ve ever had to change on it were the tires, pedals, seat and seatpost. The first thing to break was the seatpost, shearing right at the top of the post in Moab, UT. I’ve gone through two maxxis creepy crawlers, and both failed because big side-hops destroyed the bead on the tire, and the tube popped out the side. I’m trying the Onza sticky fingers right now and am pretty pleased, but am building a brand new QUAX 20" right now with the new aluminum frame, aluminum seatpost and double-walled rim. The old QUAX’s were all chromoly, and pretty heavy, but absolutely bombproof. A few things I would absolutely recommend for heavy trials use are 1. a steel stiffener plate (or carbon fiber… haven’t tried it yet, but want to) for your seat, and 2. 6-6-1 knee and shin guards. I’ve been to the hospital too many times…