Nimbus Blizzard 19" Trials Tire--Opinions??

I’m riding on the Maxis Creepy Crawler right now, but it feels really boxy and I’d like to try something a little rounder-something able to make quick pivots and stuff. The blizzard looks ok. Anyone ever tried it? Or something else you’d recommend? Something in the 30 dollar range for mainly street riding.

comments please!

here’s the tire

I’ve got a blizzard, but I’ve never actually used any other trials tyres so I can’t really compare. :confused:

I’m able to play uni hockey on it fine though if that’s any indication of manouverability.

I have the try-all light and its awesome

The Blizzard is made of harder rubber than the Creepy Crawler, which makes it last longer and roll smoother. This also makes it less grippy and less bouncy. It’s also pretty heavy and very tough to get on and off of the rim. For cruising and doing a bit of hopping, it’s a fine tire, and you’ll probably find it a bit more maneuverable, but if you want to do more advanced riding the Creepy Crawler is better.

or get a MEC or a tryall. the cyko light look like a desent tire but unless you are just riding around and a little hopping do not get a blizzard

Thanks for the feedback guys! Doesn’t sound like the tire I’m lookin for-glad I asked. I like that try-all tire. Looks a little expensive though… Anyone know the cheapest place to buy? The MEC looks like it could cost even more.

renigadejuggling is the only place i know to buy a MEC or a tryall so not sure.