Nimbus BC

Will this BC hold up for big drops and grinds?

depending on what you mean by big drops yes.3 ft or so no problem. and i doubt you are going much bigger than that

Is that a trials BC or stock??

the uhhh… nimbus… the one unirob was talking about. a freestyle bc…

I guess it is just stock.

But on this Thread it says that the plates will bend.

So i guess i will just save my money and get a better one from Bedford.

Oh that makes sense. I thought so. :smiley:

That may be a beta decision. :smiley: :smiley:

How good would a 20" Bedford BC with Pro plates be?
I could get one of those for around $153.

the old L shaped plates will bend. the new plates are curved so will take a humongous beating before bending. the bedford plates are deeper which can be better but it depends on your preference

yeah the new plates are curved so are supposed to be much stronger. THey are the 07 nimbus plates I think thats what they are called.

ive got a nimbus bc and it feels like it could get run over by a bulldozer- it has really solid parts. also i dont know if its possible to land a drop that would break your footplates, and by the time u got that good ud already need to buy a new one

are the ones from in the US the ones with the curved plates?

how much are bedford plates?

$80 for lowriders

I mean come one, must of us don’t even break unicycle parts when dropping from moderate heights! I can’t really see how you could do drops high enough to break the plates.

I think there are other nimbus plates which don’t bend

what if somebody does 3ft drops everyday one afrer another week after week…

I think the wheel would break. Not the plates.