Nimbus BC Wheel

Considering selling my BC wheel, if anyone shows interest…
It’s sat n gathered dust since I got it :frowning:

I can upload pics if requested :slight_smile:

I’m only after £25 for this, plus the postage cost (about £15)

Pics will be up soon :slight_smile:

Here’s the pics

No Takers?

I thought this price was a steal…Am I wrong? :thinking:

If you’re local to me, I’d happily trade for a cheapie 20" that anyone has laying around :slight_smile:

Not close enough to you.

I’d love to buy it at the asking price, but not sure if the post over the pond would be affordable.

It’s a great price, I’d buy it except that I’m in the USA.

This might be sold, pending payment tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile: