Nimbus BC Wheel New Condition

Listing this for a friend who never used it so it’s in brand new shape. 20" Nimbus BC with 3-hole plate adjustments. These are a blast to ride and really take your balance skills to the next level. Also known as an “impossible” wheel, which is a good name since these are almost impossible to find…at least in the US.

I did see it on the Australian UDC, but it appears to be out of stock there too. It’s priced at $235. Not sure if that’s USD or AUD, which would be closer to $285 USD. Either way, you would save a ton on this one which is priced at only $125 plus actual shipping, anywhere in the US.

I think you meant $185 USD, which is more believable. My guess is that it’s a typo.

Good luck with the sale!

I was just going by the ad. BC is now sold.

Congrats on the sale. Yeah, 235 AUD, is about 180 USD.

I didn’t know that AUD used a “$” sign, which is what was confusing to me. I just assumed it was $235 USD, as the listed price.