nimbus 48hole hub

I have an unused nimbus hub /w 48 holes. It seems udc has done away with 48 spoke trials rims…is there anywhere else I can get a 48 spoke trials rim?

If I’m not mistaken the Alex DX 32 rim that came stock with the Torker DX 20 unicycles have a 48 hole rim.

yeah thats the first thing i checked because I liked the alex a lot. but they’ve changed the trials alex to 36h…

oh and i just discovered the 2010 dx comes with some “Wienmann rim”. I guess ill search that…

I thought that this was going to be about hubs, but here are some rims:

Nimbus 48H

Qu-Ax DB-45

you could also do a bit of funky lacing and use a 32H rim (check any bike trials site)

I haven’t done it, but as I understand it the lacing for a 32 hole rim to a 48 hole hub is not that funky, you just skip every third hole on the hub. It should be a straight forward build otherwise, and it will open up the world of rim choices.

I’m planning on getting a 48 hole hub for my 26" muni wheel for just this reason.

yup. Your leading and trailing spoke lengths are going to be slightly different but close enough to work.

I also bought a 48H hub for a 32h rim project. Unfortunately it has been on hold for almost a year. Maybe by the time I get around to finishing it an affordable 32H hub will be available. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, i think i’m going to go with the 48 hole rim.

i dunno if 32 spokes would be strong enough…i’ve destroyed a 07 kh rim, my old 36 hole nimbus isn’t doing too well these days…and even both my 48 hole nimbus spokes are starting to break…and i’ve kept up well on maintenance, making sure theres no loose spokes/rotate the cranks etc. the rims are still true on the 48 holes, somehow…

it makes me sad to see 48 hole rims/hubs vanishing…

on avg how much is shipping from can to us on udc?

If you go to and put the stuff you want in your cart it will give you the shipping cost to the U.S.

It sounds like you have a decent reason for wanting the extra spokes. Personally, I could use a lighter setup. The biggest drop I’ve done is just shy of 2’, and the landing was on a slope, so it was pretty gentle on the rim.

ah…40$ for shipping, forget it.

hell may as well get a 32hole now because I can’t do anything with this 48hole hub. I dont care about anything but trials cycles.

hmm, i’ve been searching for 32h 19" rims but i only managed to find these:

anyone know anything about these?

I’d like to get the strongest 32h rim possible.

I think the Echo urban is considered the strongest or one of the strongest 32h trials rims you can buy.

I got the 26" version from HBtrials and it is a great rim. Maybe a tad heavy but bombproof.

Don’t know where to get them in the states though.

midwest bike trials has the Echo TR:

awesome, thanks for the info guys.

i’m going to get the echo soon. i’ll be taking it to the lbs to get it built…should pretty much any wheel builder know how to do the weird lacing pattern?

The lacing pattern really isn’t that wierd. You might want to check with your local bike shop about the build. I built wheels for years at a LBS, and we had no problem building special wheels. I can see how some shops might not want to deal with something even a little odd, but we are in the colder months right now, and most shops are happy to get any work they can.

As with any build the key will be getting the right spoke length. If Eric is right about the different lengths it could add a bit of a twist to the build, but if it’s not a big difference I would use the longer of the two lengths and let a bit stick past the nipple in the rim. Double wall rims are nice that way.