Nimbus 36in

I’m selling my nimbus 36in. Its only been ridden maybe a dozen times and not for long distances. I’m selling it because I never got into the 36in craze. It’s practically in perfect condition aside from a small scrape on the side of the frame.

I don’t have a set price, so feel free to just throw me an offer. I would prefer to have it be a pick-up, but if necessary I’m willing to ship. I live in temecula, California, so anyone in riverside or san diego county would be perfect.


Pictures will be up soon


will u trade for a new 24 schwinn and 29er :sunglasses:

No sorry, I don’t ride a lot anymore so I’m not looking to add to my unicycle collection.

I will start at $200.00.

You buy this one and I will trade you, haha. :slight_smile:




Up to $300, plus shipping.


$325 plus shipping.

I live in rowland heights, just west of riverside. Maybe I can do a pickup?

Right now it looks like the highest bid is $325 plus shipping. I’ll turn the bidding into auction style, in which whoever has the highest bid by 9p.m. on
wednesday, May 26 will win. People who are willing to pick up have priority and will have a reduced price.

Thanks for your interest,


I will take it for the agreed $325 and agreed $112 shipping. Let’s make arrangement for payment and shipping.

I changed my mind on the auction. The unicycle is sold, thanks for everyone’s interest.