Nimbus 36er

I’ve had this for 2 years and have simply decided that I just want to ride my 26 on the trails. So here are the specs:

  • 36" Nimbus
  • seat: Nearly new KH Freeride seat and bar
  • odometer thing
  • brake: Magura hydraulic brake from our very own Brycer - works great
  • cranks: KH ISIS dual hole 150/125 (I may trade out my 165/137)
  • pedals - basic metal spike pedals from UDC
  • tire: Nimbus Nightrider with 80+% tread
  • fender: the best use of a trashcan lid I’ve ever found…works beautifully!

I’m looking for $450. Local p/u would be great, though I’m in Idaho, so not counting on it.




I’m interested in your 36 er. I’m in co. maybe we can arrange a pickup. Please call me@970-453-1166. Thanks


Thanks all.

May we have more pictures and description of said trash can lid fender please?

Yes, how did you secure it? Was it originally flat and you shaped it around the frame?

Gosh, I’m flattered I think.

The trash can lid fender was thought in a fit of frustration after driving to REI, getting a $30 fender, finding out it had a lousy fit, returning it, and still wondering how to keep the mud off my back. I can’t take pics, because the uni is in the hands of UPS now. It was just a matter of cutting a big piece, then wittling away to make it fit. I used zip ties to attach it. As far as I’m concerned zip ties are one of the greatest inventions of the past 200 years. This clearly works better with a Nimbus type frame than a KH type because of the availability of attachment points. Trash cans seem to be made out of pretty durable stuff these days. Total cost of the project was about $2 for the zip ties. The trash can was already sitting there. :slight_smile: