Nimbus ,36er ,nightrider

I have a 36er nimbus nightrider to sell or trade for a 29 Oregon
The nimbus is in very good condition air seat,handle ,brake ,steel pedals
With removable grips. I currently ride a 29 and the 36 is beyond my skill level.
Have 500 .00 invested ,make offer or trade.
Unable to post pics. Reply to my email and I will send pics. Thanx :slight_smile:


E-mail sent.

With his permission, I posted the pictures.





I’m pretty certain this is a unicycle that was for sale in St. Louis not too long ago as I went and took a look at it. You should consider trying it with longer cranks before selling as those ones on it are very short making it extremely difficult to ride. It’s only 15$ + shipping for this set. I didn’t succeed in riding it with those short cranks but soon afterward when I bought a different 36er with longer cranks I was comfortable with the size it in only a couple minutes. You might not take to it as easily as I did even with longer cranks but I doubt anyone can ride well with ones that short.

Thank you very much for posting the pics.

Yes I purchased it from the owner in St. Louis,could not ride it with short
Cranks so I replaced with 6" and was able to ride. I mostly ride trails
And found the hard way that this ride is more suited for street and for the
Mor experienced rider

Thanx again for posting pictures

Hi sent you a PM thanks.