Nimbus 36er Frame now available in US

Just thought ya’ll might be interested, the new Nimbus 36-inch frame is now on’s website.

I took the plunge and just ordered one for myself. It’ll be 2007 though until I can get all the parts and have it assembled for riding.

I’m really interested in the rail adapter - a light storage space on the back, place to put my cycle computer, and proper handles + a kh freestyle saddle with the groove in it seems like it’d be the perfect coker setup.

wow thats totally awesome

you can post a link directly to the frame itself


without the special handle,shipping, and labor costs for building a wheel, we americans (or canadians) can build a clone of what is available in the uk for only $500.80 if my math is right. pretty sweet deal i must say.

is the handle going to be available for purchase in the U.S. and canada any time soon (if ever?)

I can’t wait untill the handle is available in the US