Nimbus 36'

I have a 32.5 inseam, is this uni with the seat handle to tall for
me. I know what the web says, but is anybody out there riding one
with the same size inseam?

I’m even smaller…it’ll be okay for you. You may need to cut the seatpost down a bit.

I have a 31" floor-to-crotch inseam, and I can ride 152 mm cranks on my N36 with a brake adapter under the saddle with seat post to spare without any modifications to the frame. You’ll be fine.

36’ or 36"?

Well, as the subject line is about a 36 foot unicycle, I’d be very surprised if your legs are long enough :slight_smile:


Damn beat me to it. :slight_smile:

My girlfriend is 5’2’ or so (maybe shorter, i forget), and she can ride the nimbus 36" with 152’s. The seat post holder is cut quite a bit to make it work.

you can do it. I am the same. got 36er about two weeks ago. does take some getting used to. 36’/36" who cares, we knew what you were talking about