Nimbus 36

My 36 has been collecting dust while my Muni is getting all the miles it has roughly 600 miles on it, no major UPD crashes

I used it for commuting to work but then moved into the country to far to commute on realistically

Nimbus 36(blue) with T7 handle
cat eye enduro 8
airfoil rim
125mm cranks
wheel ta tire
kris holm saddle (orange)

asking for $375, (not including shipping cost of which I have zero clue). I am in Virginia, and would prefer a meet up(maybe we can do some muni) for selling

PM me if you are interested and ill email you pictures

Interested and pm’d

I’m interested and just pm’d you, tsilcycinu

Sounds like a good price to me. . .

just after I got “out of the market”, too. :roll_eyes:

Has it been sold?

not sold yet.