Nimbus 36" with Magura Brakes


Selling a Nimbus 36" with Magura brakes and T7 Handle. You can see the listing here:

Have a look… it’s in great shape . . used less than 1,000 miles . . no reserve.

ill pay you 5$, witch is 3.75$ more that the current bid… + Ill pick up :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Ride :smiley:

ok - I’ve been Jonesing to upgrade my Nimbus 29er … I bid - and have to say that the fact that it was part of RTL is a bonus !

I am also keeping my eye on this. I miss my 36er :frowning:

I would really like a 36er, but sadly right now all my extra cash is going to building up my trials cycle.:frowning: