Nimbus 36" Unicycle

Basic steel framed UDC 36" unicycle.
Chromed single tube round crowned frame
Steel rim - TA tyre
150mm steel cranks
Pinned pedals, and plastic ones as well if you want them.
I am rather short in the leg and so you may need to buy a new seat post for it, but it will come with the cut off one that I have been using.

I am moving house and don’t ride this very often, I also have a road going 29 and that tends to get ridden in preference.

I would prefer collection but will deliver for £10 anywhere within about 40 miles of Malvern, or anywhere roughly between Malvern and Andover, where I work a couple of days each week.

I was thinking of about £100, but if you’re interested PM me with an offer.

Will post photos later.

what saddle?

Saddle is a non branded one I bought from UDC, I’ve always found it as comfortable as the Nimbus ones I have on my other unis.






is this the one on ebay? it looks the same.

if noone buys it, keep it and i may buy it when i have money

No it’s not on e-bay yet, although it will be in a couple of weeks if I don’t get a firm offer here.

Sold and gone to a good home.