Nimbus 36" Unicycle - Denmark



In very good condition. I am moving back to Australia, and cannot take the unicycle with me.

Brand new the unicycle costs 3790DKK from, but I am selling it for 3000DKK!!!

Comes with both 152mm steel and 127mm aluminium cranks.

A great bargain for only 3000DKK!!!

I am living in Odense in Denmark, and would prefer if the buyer picked up the unicycle from here. Although, I would be willing to post the unicycle (i still have the box that it came in) if the buyer is willing to pay postage costs.

For more pictures and unicycle specs, please check out:

I was going to use the nimbus for next years Induni unitour, but now I am going to build up a KH 36 when I get back to Australia.

Please private message me if you have any further questions.

Cheers, Daniel :slight_smile:

Price reduction!!!

As it’s the festive season and I’m feeling generous, the price is now 2800DKK!!! Now that’s a REAL bargain for such an awesome unicycle. PM me if you are interested. Cheers, Daniel. :slight_smile:

Price review!!!

My time in denmark is nearly finished, and I really can’t take this unicycle home with me. Therefore, I have decided to lower the price to 2600DKK. For a nimbus in such a good condition that’s a sweet deal!!! Come on people, help me out!!!



Would you ship to England?


Hi Sam,

I am happy to ship the unicycle anywhere, as long as the buyer pays for the shipping costs. It will cost 422DKK to post the nimbus to england via the Danish postal service.

If you do the math on all these costs, it is probably cheaper for you to buy a 36"er from UDC in the UK, as with the conversion rate the way it is, the pound is dropping alot against the danish krone.

However, if you are cashed up and want to help me out, feel free to buy the uni!!!



They don’t sell that uni in the UK. Overall including postage it would cost me about £390
at the moment i only have £310.

and if I spen d £390 I might as well save up a bit more and a get a kris holm one.

that’s what i was hinting at mate. I have most of the parts for building up a KH36 with a Ti hub when I get home, and I would keep the nimbus as well, but I can’t afford two 36"ers at this point in time.


If no one buys it you should just leave it in a hedge. See what happens. Or give it to a tramp!

Nimbus is now SOLD!!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for you interest in this thread, but I have now sold the Nimbus. Happy 2009 to you all!!!