Nimbus 36 Nightrider Pro

I really hesitant to part with my love… but here she is on the market.

Square taper hub
ProWheel Alloy 127mm cranks (stock with the uni)
Nimbus Stealth Pro rim with machined braking surface
Odyssey Twisted PC clear plastic pedals
T7 Handle with comfy grips
V-brake with custom mounts (and it doesn’t squeak!)
Sigma Cycle Computer (BC 506)
KH Fusion Freeride Saddle
Primo Rod seatpost cut to about 4" (Not represented by photo)
Custom powder coat (So tasty)

Some people think these unicycles are obsolete because of the new ISIS hub models, but you really don’t need an ISIS for a commuter uni unless you’re taking it down massive drops. This unicycle has about ~115 miles on the cycle computer and she is in great condition. I’m 5’9 with an inseam of 33", so I would estimate this could accommodate anyone from 5’7 to 6’1. If you purchase it and you need a taller seat post, I’ll buy one from UDC and have it shipped straight to you. The grips are really comfortable but are falling apart a little. If you are lefty or want to customize the feel more, you may have to redo all of the handle section and that may mean buying new grips. I can also include a UDC-made air saddle (everything but the cover and bumpers) for a little extra. I personally did not like the air saddle so I converted it back to a KH Freeride.

Anyway, this is a great beastly machine… ask any questions you may have!

I’ve put a lot of time and money into this project… costing me about $900-950. Make a reasonable offer please!

Located in California. Would prefer to ship it within the US and Canada.



Timekeeper, Any idea what the price will be? Nice machine by the way. I’m in Seattle and looking, have an ad on here under wanted FYI. Good luck with your sale either way.

Sold. Thanks to everyone who made offers on my baby!

One dollar. :slight_smile: