Nimbus 36" nightrider for the short-legged

So, I have trawled these forums and seen a lot of discussion on 36"ers for short people! However, I’d love some feedback specifically on the Nimbus nightrider! I’ve read a few conflicting reviews…

I’m a few centimeters short of the min 83cm. I’m like 79-80cm or so (if I’m measuring correctly). I imagined I could cut the seat post down; but I get the feeling the minimum length is going off the max cut-off for the post. ( has it labelled as: Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 83cm (32.7")) So- apart from swapping to 125mm cranks, is there anything else I can do with this model? My Dad’s pretty handy, I’m sure he’d be up to some more complicated stuff if needs be. I think I heard someone say they took a few cm off the top of the seat post?

I don’t want to pay so much money and be left with a uni that I -just- fit on, I want it to be as comfy and natural as possible, so I am thinking that, I could wait a few weeks for the nightfox to get back in stock and pay the extra $200. But is it worth it?

Many thanks friends! :slight_smile:

If I were moving up to a 36", I would start out with longer cranks, then slowly transition to shorter cranks once I got better control over the 36". Being forced to use shorter cranks because of height requirements doesn’t seem like a very good option, especially during the learning phase of the 36". I would check on the minimum inseam requirements using 150mm cranks (that’s an extra inch lower in the 6:00 position than 125mm cranks). Later on, as I mentioned above, you can move to 125mm.

Thick-soled shoes, such as the 5-10s I wear, will add another inch to your inseam, as well.

If you look at the description for the Nightrider, it is listed for:

=> 31.5in/80cm insteam with 152mm cranks
=> 30.5in/77.5cm with 127mm cranks.

The reference is 4 inches of seatpost. I guess that it means the shortest seatpost possible.

You can also get back a cm or 2 by going with a slim saddle like the Impact Naomi or an equivalent like the KH slim.

If you are really concerned about the clearance (or you think you have more chance of getting shorter in the future than getting taller), the safest bet of all will be the Nightfox that is designed to be more accessible (given for 27.5/39.8cm if insteam at the lowest adjustment w/ 138mm cranks).

can only speak for the night fox. I am a bit short 5’8+ or -, and had a nightrider before. I sold it. Was never quite comfortable on it. I recently bought the nightfox and was riding the 138mm on it. I still did not have a real warm and fuzzy feeling but it was better than before. I talked with JOSH at UDC and he recommended 170mm to start and after a while I’d know when to go shorter. I put the 170’s on last night and just got in from a 4mile test ride. LOVED IT!! I have never felt so in control on a 36. I know I won’t set any land speed records but I know I am going to love logging more miles on the nightfox. THere’s my 2 cents, hope it helps.

I love my Nightrider pro. I take it fishing with me. If your inseam is 79cm it is still considerably longer than mine, at 29.5" with shoes on.
i was the one who cut the frame post to the max without regrets. Bought my slightly used and have a 165mm cranks. I could, and will go with 150 mm or 125 mm, but just spent it on a giraffe. Totally love the 36er, in general.
If you have the money, i’d say wait for the Nightfox. But if the nightrider is at the right price, you probably wont regret it either. It rides awesome and it’s tough enough for light muni.

I’m not very familiar with the Nightrider and got interested here mainly because I’m kinda sorta starting to shop myself, and I didn’t know that anyone still had those for sale. I like them. From the pictures, it looks like the Pivotal seatpost and the Shadow handle assembly add to the saddle height significantly. I wonder if alicefish could do without the handle for a while, and put in a standard four-bolt seatpost with a thin saddle (eg, Naomi or KH Street) until she (I’m assuming from the handle and stature) is comfortable on it and ready for shorter cranks and/or a higher saddle. Or even switch to a different handle style and sell the Shadow, which still seems to have fans and is also hard to find for sale these days. Just speculating though…

make sure it has the stealth 2 rim and not the original stealth rim… see my recent post about 375/376mm spokes. They are no longer available anywhere, so your wheel may be dead as soon as you break one spoke.

UPD, I just saw a few pictures of yours and noticed that it doesn’t have the Shadow handle. Did you take it off? That was my suggestion two replies up. It looked as though that might make up for a few centimeters less leg length than the official minimum.

Hi LargeEddie, I have the KH saddle with the KH handlebar. I tried it on on couple of occasions, which attaches under the saddle. Decided it wasnt right for me ( at least not for the current moment : )
…just as with unicycling, we’re constantly learning and adapting as our skills progress, one thing I have learned–never say never. When I do, it comes back and bites me.

OK, thanks UPD. And nice job on your recent rides with yours. It looks like you’re doing great and having a lot of fun. I haven’t gotten started using a handle on any of mine either. I just grab the front saddle bumper when I need something to hold onto. Like you, I’m not ruling out ever using one but I haven’t yet felt like taking on the cost and fuss of trying any to see what I liked if I liked.

But if your inseam is shorter than alicefish’s and you’re happy, that seems to answer the question. And it looks like just about everyone would want to cut the seatpost by some amount. There couldn’t be much range of adjustment with the seat tube being that short.

For me its ok, i can still raise it another 2 and a quarter inch if need to when i go to shorter cranks.

Awesome, thanks SO much everyone! I really appreciate all the tips and thoughts :slight_smile:

I got on to my local UDC guys and they’re going to let me know when the nightfox is back in stock! (Hopefully two weeks!) Hooray! I’ll have to be patient, but it’ll be worth it! Yew!

The nightfox is definitely the right choice for the vertically challenged.