Nimbus 36" Handle

Does anyone know how mount a magura brake handle on the new Nimbus 36"
handle bars? From the picture it looks like you have to mount them on the bar end part. If this is the case the brake handle will be taking a pounding. Thanks.

Mine arrived today, but I don’t have a brake yet.

You could perhaps put the brake lever further down on the handle. For instance, just below the horizontal bar that joins the bar ends to the handle… You’d have to move your hand to the centre to brake then, but you could get a brake lever extender which might put it within reach of the bar ends themselves.

I think Roger just put his on one of the bar ends, but he probably doesn’t drop them very often, I’d guess! A lot less than me, for sure!

For me I mounted the brake goes on the opposite bar to the one you want to pull on, sloping inwards. I will try and find a picture of it fitted to the prototype and post it up to show you what I mean.

The brake doesn’t hit the ground under any conditions due to the wheel size.

As for me me not dropping very often… good story. keep it up. :slight_smile: