Nimbus 36 for sale

Hey guys- haven’t been around for a while, not been riding due to health problems after a crash- hope you’re all cool.

Selling my 36 as I can’t ride it any more and it deserves a good home.|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1688|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50


you say you cant ride a big wheel, can you still ride, say a 29er?

i would swap my kh29 for this

Thanks for the offer but I already have a KH 29! I can still ride that fine-

The 36 is just too much for my spine to take when I dismount:(

I also need cash so the 36 and my dirtsurfer are up for grabs.



Dirtsurfer! I had one once, really nice in theory, but terribley wobbly and poor ground clearance, still have a bunch of mtn boards, but my most recent byu is some high end grass skis. Any pics of you riding the Dirtsurfer?

No pics, sorry- a mate of mine had some footage of me and another mate bombing around on it but he has moved to Canada so the footage is over there somewhere.

The dirtsurfer is sketchy until you get it up to speed- then it is pretty good. I know what you mean about the ground clearance though. Boy does it stop fast when you hit a tree stump in a pile of leaves :astonished:

I enjoyed it for a while but never got that into it- so it has got to go!

It is probably best used by someone into power kites and all that stuff…

I long board, never tried a mountain board yet. They look like good fun- I’ve watched some guys dirt jumping on them and it looked like it is not an activity for people scared of hitting the ground hard… a lot…:smiley:

How much do you need to get. I’m not quite ready for a 36" yet, but I will be soon. Pm me with a price.

PM sent :sunglasses:

Could you also tell me what price you’re looking for?

Does it have brakes?

It has magura mounts on the frame but no brake as I took it off and put it on my muni…

There is a pic if you have a look at the ebay listing.:slight_smile:

Sorry for not being a bit more on the ball regarding your location (UK). Freight cost would be prohibitive.

Sorry to hear you’re wanting to give it up.

Yeah, it is an awesome bit of kit- but after being t-boned by a car my spine is compacted down one side. I’ve had physio and now I’m exercising to get it all back to normal. But getting down off the coker is too big a shock to my back. :angry:

But on the plus side I have just bought an awesome 29er mountain bike for when my muni is too slow :sunglasses:


Mine is the winning bid.:slight_smile: I have emailed you via eBay. You can also contact me through forum PM.


Lucky you. A good price for both parties imho. All my money is earmarked otherwise I would have gone for it at that price too. A 36er is on my shopping list I will just have to be patient…