Nimbus 36 For Sale w/extras and a few upgrades

US/Canada only :slight_smile:

For sale: My Nimbus 36 that I purchased last Christmas with probably about 1200km on it.


  • A drilled and polished airfoil rim. Modified by Pete Perron. I think it weighs about the same as the Nightrider rim but I 've never weighed it.
  • Kh Freeride seat (about 5 months younger than the rest of the uni)
  • HS33 Magura brake (has been used on 3 rides)
  • Qu-ax aluminum 114s.
  • VDO wired cycle computer (and other small things seen in the picture)
  • A pretty bad paint job done with spray paint. It looks scratched but that is just where the paint has been coming off. I think you will want to powder coat the frame and T7 if you care about looks.

I should also mention that the brake line is longer than it needs to be but is still fully wrapped and out of the way. The frame is also 5 months younger than the rest of the unicycle.

$500 plus shipping

*Everything pictured on the unicycle will be included

This stuff will also come with the uni:

  • 127s
  • 102s
  • 150’s with Q (not shown)
  • 2nd bottle cage
  • 29’ tube (36’ tube currently on uni)
  • Extra seatclamp since I painted the one that is on there
  • Plastic pedals

Also for sale: This Nimbus SE steel rim that came stock on the uni. $20 plus shipping.

Is there any chance I can buy just a few parts? (i.e. the handle, brake, speedometer, and bell) I’m desperately searching for some used parts to upgrade my new KH36. If you find someone else to purchase just the unicycle, please pm me. Thanks.

maybe you could work a deal with isaac

Called it. Pm’ed.

This bad boy is already sold :wink: :sunglasses:

EDIT: Whole thing too, except the spare rim.

That bites.

Yes sorry, everything has sold except the extra Nimbus SE rim.

Still up for grabs.

I think I want that rim, do you have spokes for it?

The sale has fallen through! All items still for sale (preferably sold built). Will post to anywhere in North America.

To make a 36" BC wheel, or not to make a 36" BC wheel…

Interesting notion. I would like to see this.

I’m seriously considering it. For $20, the rims not a bad deal. Do you know the ERD of the rim?

Will measure for you when I get home from work in 4 hours.

Looking up the price of everything, it’ll be about $300 to make the rest of the wheel. Do you have old spokes, an old tire/tube, or any other coker wheelset part that you don’t need?

Sorry Conrad, don’t have any of the other parts for a wheel except a 29" tube.

does it have a bent frame? I might be interested once I get enough money (in about a week).

Nope the frame is nice and straight. You might be thinking of the original frame that UDC replaced for me.

Ah, well actually I am selling this to get money to complete my KH26 uni.

Just to calrify, the uni still has not sold.

Also willing to sell without the brake for 400 + shipping.

If your willing to sell me just the handle and maybe the computer pm me and tell me what price you want.