Nimbus 36"er full spec

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to part with my Nimbus 36er as I haven’t really been riding for about three years. It’s only had just over 400 miles on it, as can be seen on the cycle computer in the photo. As a result it’s in mechanically very good condition, a few scrapes on the paint, in particular on the handle bars, but rides very smoothly.

The spec:

Nimbus 36" twin frame
Airfoil Rim
Wheel TA tyre, loads of tread, no cracks
Nimbus wide coker hub
Qu-Ax 125mm Al cranks, virtually unridden
KH tilt adjust seat post
Aluminium quick release seat post clamp
Nimbus Gel saddle
T7 handle - no cracks, no mising bottle bosses
12 function cycle computer
Grips - a little chewed at the ends
Magura HS33 brake, needs adjusting but doesn’t leak or need bleeding
Pedals - I have the original Nimbus pedals, with blue pedal protectors which match the frame, and a pair of brand new in-the-wrapper Snafu pedals that were standard issue with the KH munis, buyer’s choice.

Also I have a spare 36" coker tube and the correct 29" tube (both patched) which will be included.

It looks like this set-up would be over £400 new, so I’m looking for around £220. Best way to contact me is on my mobile: Dave - 07515725008. Obviously shipping is going to be difficult, I live in Leamington Spa but work in Coventry and frequently travel to central Birmingham so if you are in the midlands or can visit get in contact and I’m sure we can arrange something.


With many thanks!

Oddly enough as soon as I took it out of the car I had no trouble whatsoever mounting it (it’s my first 36"), but darned if I could make the damned thing go anywhere after that!

Haven’t had any time to take it out again so still commuting on my 29.