Nimbus 36 Blue


Very good condition Blue Nimbus 36, with brake and handlebars.

Will post up some pics soon :wink:


Pictures and more info

Some more info and a few pics.
Excellent condition!

127 cranks,
Gel Nimbus saddle,
Brake attached
and a couple of other things, as seen in picture.

To be picked up ideally.

I live near Manchester.

Looking for around £350 :wink:

All the best




can you go lower?

interested. how much for shipping to the united states :smiley: (California zipcode 91010)

Exchange rate puts it at $550 plus $200+ or so to ship. Best to buy from your own continent.

well pointed out, I concur.

I would prefer the buy to collect if possible.
Saying that I don’t mind taking it on the train somewhere like Manchester as it’s relatively easy and inexpensive for me to get there.
I don’t drive and would rather not post it.

Plus I would like to meet the person I’m selling it to if possible.

p.s. I am willing to haggle, and a good reason for you’re need of such a fantastic vehicle may sway me even more! :wink:

All the best

im out, its all abit far for me to travel but i would love to have a unicycle like that within my collection

Where about do you live?
what else have you got in you collection?

It makes me sad to let her go, but I need to pay my rent… :frowning:
we may be able to sort something out if you would like to by it this month… but I don’t have enough cash to post it…

It hard time when you have to sell you unicycles!!!

Could be worse though!
I’ll be homeless before I let go of my freestyle!!! :wink:

Hi. I am very interested but can’t stretch to £350. Would you be willing to accept £300. I live fairly local to you in Hayfield, Derbyshire so collection is no problem.


Hello UpsyDavy,
Tell me a little about yourself, and I’ll see what I can do…
how old are you?
how long have you been riding?
do you have any other unicycles?
are you male or female?
are you in need of a lovely unicycle?
will you take good care of this unicycle?

Just trying to assess whether it will be going to a good home :wink:

what is you favourite super hero?
do you enjoy unicycling?

could you stretch to £325?

what sort of music do you like?

please answer as many of my silly questions as you can :slight_smile:

all the best

Hi Pedro

My name is David and I’m 42. Tried to ride a unicycle 10 years ago and failed miserably. 18 months ago gave it another go following You-tube videos and finally cracked it on a 16". Moved up to a 20" and then treated myself to a 26" Nimbus MUni which is great.

Looking at your lovely 36er as I would like to do some distance riding and hopefully commute to Ashton-under-Lyne occasionally.

Will I take care of it? Sure it can sleep in bed with my others if you like.

I am already stretched at £300. Perhaps I can moved to £310 at a pinch.

Could collect tonight or tomorrow night if I am worthy.

Please let me know.



You didn’t tell me who your favourite super hero is…?
But I do like the sound of you commuting the ashton-under-lyne on it!
Is that where you work?
How many miles is that? and what do you do for a job?

I would like to have one last ride before I let it go… I’m busy tomorrow so will not be able to get a good ride in.
would you be free at the weekend to collect?

£315? :wink:

p.s. feel free to pm me if you like.

p.p.s. sounds like you’re getting a nice collection, have you tried a 29"?

All the best

Okay Pierre,

Let’s settle on £315.

Yes I work in Ashton-under-Lyne selling Home Entertainment, Plasma TVs etc. 13 miles by road, 17 miles by canal. Commute on single speed road bike a lot and do lots of mountain biking around the Peak District as well as MUni.

I am doing an exhibition connected with work during the days this weekend (weather permitting) but can probably collect one evening.

Not tried a 29er yet but have thought about getting one to try ‘Sleepless in the saddle’ solo MUni next year if I can get confident/good enough. I did it solo on mountain bike this year. Hard work but rewarding and a weird kind of way.

Let me know when you have had your last good ride on it. Certainly don’t want to deprive you that pleasure. Hope the weather holds off for you to do that.

I will PM you my contact telephone number.

Superhero? Don’t really follow them.

Thanks again


had my last ride :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

I’ve had my last ride and am now happy part with it… :slight_smile:

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to overtake bikes on a unicycle!!!
with 127’s you can really get a got spin.

I would love to try one with 110’s on though…

I’ve got a 29" KH you can have a go on when you come to collect if you like?

I’ll PM you my number…

All the best

Hi Pete

I have tried to phone you, but no answer and no voicemail. I have something on tonight. Would it be okay to collect Tuesday evening?



Hi Dave,

that’s fine, sorry I missed your call…

just let me know what time, and I’ll get it all ready for you.