Nimbus 36 - $500, Arizona

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Unicycle; Nimbus 36 - $500
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Date: 2007-09-21, 6:30PM MST

This is a serious road/distance unicycle. I wouldn’t recommend this uni to learn on but, if you’re experienced and want something to do long distance riding this is a great unicycle. This thing will move pretty quickly. I purchased in December of last year and have ridden it very little. Just not my thing. It has the double walled airfoil rim, 14 ga. stainless spokes, extra wide hub for a very strong wheel, 150mm cranks, gel saddle, 36" Radial TA tire, and plastic pedals. Cost me $650 new from Would like $500 for it. Would consider delivery to Phx or Tucson. Sorry, digital camera’s on the blink so no photos.

* Location: Flagstaff

i really want one but im confused, why are cokers so expensive?
(dont mean to thread jack)


Deal. Post reply ASAP. Thanx-


Just so there’s no confusion… I just reposted this from Craigslist. If you want to contact the seller write to this address:

too late… lol

they need specialist rims and tyres that are only made in relatively small numbers, therefore unit cost is high. Tyres in particular have huge setup costs associated with them to make the moulds.