Nimbus 29er

I’m really interested in touring and riding smoother for longer distances (planning on unicycling in a Mutliple Sclerosis Walk-a-thon in a couple months), but I have a very limited budget. I’d like to get a coker, but anything over ~250-300 is out of the question, most likely. The Nimbus 29er is about 230 USD I think.

Does anyone own one, and could possible let me in on how good it is for the price?

I wouldn’t know much about the price, but I have found it a good unicycle.

I got mine off the NZ equivilant of Ebay and the stuff on it was close to brand new.

The furtherest I’ve ridden is 40km in one day. I have also found it useful to own different crank lenghts. I flew up my local hill fast than some bikers.

The fastest speed I’ve got on it is only 21 kmph, but I can cruise along happily at 15 kmph

Decent Uni, depends how long distance you really want to do? Day trips, 29er would be fine. Expedition, UDC 36, Coker, or Shlumpf

Yeah, I’d just be using it for day trips.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I like the nimbus 29er very much - as does Unityler I believe.
I have got one and I am thinking of getting another with longer cranks and a knobbly tyre because I find I’m doing a lot of offroad on her.


does this mean that the nimbus would work for XC?

It will work for the gentle kind of XC that I want to do. I wouldn’t go as far as to say MUni. No dropping etc.