Nimbus 29er Road Unicycle

I bought this almost 3 years ago before I moved to Aberystwyth where it is too hilly to get any pleasure out of riding it.
It was bought from there^, and is all the same as the description. Mine has, however, been well used/loved/abused (depending on where you stand) and needs a little TLC as well as 3 new spokes put in.

Comes with the leg armour photographed. Looking for £110 including postage.

What attention does it need apart from the spokes? How are the bearings?

It has a bit of rust, mostly around the bolts and flecked up the frame, but it is still solid. The bearings seem fine, but I can’t undo the bolts in the cranks to get to them. It does not affect rideability, but makes changing them seem impossible.

I am open to offers.:slight_smile:

I have checked the wheel by putting the post to 1mm away from the tyre and spinning the wheel - it seems perfectly circular as the post stays the same distance all the way round. Selling for £100 inc. postage.
Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks for all the interest! Just an update to say this has now been SOLD.
Many thanks again!