Nimbus 29er Muni + upgrades

Alright then, up on the block is my trusty ol’ Nimbus 29er Muni.

This has been a great ride and will take anything you throw at it. The only reason I’m selling is to fund my next project, and because my 26er has taken the main Muni spot.

This uni also has had a few upgrades added to it as well.

First, the KH Freeride is flattened. I did this when the craze first took off, and can tell you it is much more comfortable.

Second, it has one of our very own Bryce’s lightly used Magura brakes on it. Works just fine, and does show some wear from my leg rubbing on one of the slaves.

Third, the uni is set up tubeless. No worrying about puntures or pinch flats. The sealant is proabably about ready to be refreshed, or you can throw a tube in if you’d rather.

Fourth, a Hans Dampf has taken the place of the old WTB Dissent. The Hans Dampf is THE tire for Muni, and has minimal wear.

Total parts list:
-Nimbus 29er Steel Frame (steel is real)
-Magura HS33 Brake
-KH 165/137 DH Cranks
-KH Freeride Saddle (flattened)
-Hans Dampf Tire
-Nimbus Dominator2 Rim
-Nimbus Pedals

If you’d like, I can throw in the original Dissent tire which does have some wear (probably 50-60% of tread left). I also have some brand new Nimbus pedals I can throw in as well.

The frame has been shimmed to center the wheel better, this has no effect on performance whatsoever, and was purely aesthetic since the tire was a bit closer to one side of the frame than the other.

The Muni shows the normal wear and tear that you’d expect from a Muni. The frame has some scuffs, and there are some dings in the rim. These are also purely aesthetic.

This Muni would retail brand new for $620. I’m asking $400 + shipping, I’m open to reasonable offers.

Any questions, just post in this thread or send me a PM. I’m on this site plenty, so I should be able to get back to you pretty quickly.



If only this was in EU… any idea of the (enormous) shipping costs? :frowning:

Seems a trifle (or more than a trifle) bunged up?

Gee, I wonder why. Maybe cause it’s a ‘Mountain’ unicycle. It was used, I’m not gonna lie about that.

Rather than mention how banged up my stuff is in a public thread, why don’t you address condition issues with me personally. We all have a private message feature.

This unicycle is SOLD.