Nimbus 29er ISIS (as new)

I bought a 29er a few weeks ago to replace my 36er, but lo and behold, it’s so similar to my 26x3.0 Muni (no surprise, really!) that I feel it’s unnecessarily taking up space in my shed, since my usual reaction is to jump on the Muni for most rides. It’s an absolutely lovely uni, but I hate owning things that I don’t use, so I feel that it should go to somebody who’ll give it it the miles it deserves.


Saddle: Nimbus Gel; red.
Seatpost: Nimbus reinforced aluminium.
Seat Post Clamp: Nimbus double-bolted seat post clamp.
Frame/Fork: Silver Nimbus 29".
Hub: Nimbus ISIS hub Black with CrMo spindle.
Bearings: 42mm sealed bearings.
Cranks: Qu-Ax 114mm lightweight ISIS aluminium.
Pedals: Aluminium DX.
Rim: Aluminium; red.
Tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple 2.0.

It’s in as new condition; there are a couple of tiny marks on the rear bumper from where it’s been set down on the floor and some marks on the seatpost that were there from out of the box. No UPDs at all (a testament to the smoothness of the ride!).

I bought it for just over £200; I’m asking £180. I might put it on eBay within a few days as an auction if nobody’s interested.

Offer remains open unless I post otherwise. :slight_smile:

may be interested, but i have no money at the moment :frowning: i could probably pester my parents into lending me money, but don’t take that as a commitment, any pictures? how much would it cost to ship it to nottingham?

I’ll have some pictures up in a day or so. My camera’s been out of commission for a bit, but it should be fixed presently.

As for shipping – pretty expensive. It’d be much cheaper to pick it up.

i’ll look at how far away you are :slight_smile:

looks too far, will look into trains at another time, i think it’ll have to be a no :frowning:

Okay, no worries. :slight_smile:

Okay, I am totally serious about selling this thing now. It sits in my shed and I always seem to ride my 26er 'cuz it’s just a perfect fit.

Still no use – so perfect condition (minus dirt on the tyre!) and tiny seatpost marks from the clamp.

I’d also be very interested in trading for an equivalently priced street/trials uni.

So – £180 or nearest offer.

If there’s no interest within a week it’ll be going on eBay.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Note: now comes with red Fat Spanner Dobber pedals to match the rim and seat. Great condition but with a few marks (swapped from another uni). Happy to swap with aluminium DX pedals if you’d prefer.

Too bad you’re in UK, maybe I could’ve trade it for my second Trials uni which is pretty much the same price value.

Que sera sera! It’ll find a new home some way or another.

Okay, this item’s now been listed on eBay. There’s no reserve, so take a look!

Is there no way at all you can post it?

Sorry, not really – It’s a pretty large, awkward item.

If you were to organise your own courier that’d be fine, though it’d be expensive.

dude, if you put the frame and seat across the wheel with the pedals taken off then wrap the whole lot up in parcel paper or cardboard dhl would ship it for less than £10, i posted a 24 this way today, and they told me its the weight that makes all the difference, if you’ll ship it like this i think you’ll find you’ll get about a million bids.

Dude, just find a box big enough for the wheel, take off the frame and seat wrap in parcel paper. Bobs your uncle.

I appreciate the advice guys, but I have no funds at the moment – even enough for parcel paper! So it’s out of the question. I prefer local pick up in any case.

Again – thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Buyer pays postage :wink:

Even so, I don’t want to post it. It’s local pick up only, okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats a shame, but it’s your choice i guess.

you need to make sure that people know they can’t arrange their own courier as if they do the courier will expect the unicycle to be packaged when they pick it up. i’m not being arsey, just making you aware dude.

It is indeed a shame that this uni couldn’t be posted because I’d have jumped at it. Good luck I hope you achieve what you want for it.