Nimbus 29"

I have a Nimbus 29" Unicycle that’s about 4 years old. It is in good condition. I no longer ride it and want to sell it to help fund a cyclocross bike. It was around $500 new, I see that has a similar model, but with cheaper parts for $360 new. Obviously mine will be cheaper than this, but I’m not sure on a price at the moment. Mine has a Kris Holm hub and what seems to be a nicer rim. It has been stored outside, but under a covering. No direct water has fallen on it, but moisture has turned some metal to rust, nothing serious though ( light surface rust on bolt heads, and Kris Holm laser etching on hub. I am willing to ship pretty much anywhere. It will be professionally boxed. I work at a bicycle shop and have access to good shipping materials. I’m posting this to see what interest there might be. I will post pictures later. Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer.

I’d be interested if given pictures and a price.

I’m interested, but I think I want to see more specs. In particular…

Crank length?
Tire width?

And then obviously some good pictures, especially of these “nothing serious” rust spots. Not that I don’t trust you, but it would affect my offer… :slight_smile:

Oh, and what country are you in?

Also, potentially interested pending above asked questions.

If I am to make an offer, I’d like to see a picture first, so make that happen and we can get this ball rolling!


I am interested too. Pics? Specs?

Sorry for the slow response, I have been busy with some projects, and I wanted to clean up the uni a bit before taking pictures. I must say, she cleaned up very nicely. Most of the little rust spots disappeared with a little attention from some steel wool. I cleaned everything with a brush and soap and even polished the rim, and frame. There is rust under the seat near/on the mount, under the brake mount, some rust on the seat post, rust on various bolt heads and rust on the Kris Holm laser etching. All of the rust is only surface rust all of it besides the rust on the laser etching could be removed if you wanted to. I say nay on the laser etching just because its difficult to get to. There are scratches on the seat bumpers, pedals, and seat post collar. These are all the normal scratches you would see on a unicycle. The fabric on the seat is in great condition with no tears and nearly zero wear. This unicycle has been ridden approximately 30 miles total. So, the tire has 95% or more of its tread, bearings have plenty of life left etc.

Specifics are as follows:
Kris Holm Moment hub
125mm Isis Crank I’m not sure on the brand
Nimbus chrome frame
Nimbus brand seat
Snafu pedals
Schwalbe Big Apple tire 29"x2.35"
I’m not sure about the rim, I know it is eyeleted. Double or Single ??

The pictures are here on imgur

I feel strongly that I have fairly represented this unicycle as far as its condition and I believe that whoever buys this will be very happy with it as its really fun to ride and it is in great shape. As far as price goes I’m asking $300. If you have any questions, or requests for more photos feel free to ask.


No more interest?

I’m torn. I think I might let others have a shot at this, just because I have the financial means to get a brand new one at full price and others might not.

Alright, If you feel the price is too high let me know I’m willing to negotiate.

No it’s not that. The price is good for what it is. I’m just saying that there are some people that might want to get the best value, maybe teenagers or younger people who don’t have as much extra cash to spend, so I’ll leave this deal for them. :slight_smile:

Alright, feeling desperate to get rid of this. Does $250 get anyone’s attention?

Does that include shipping within the US?

If shipping isn’t too much I’ll be glad to do it for $250 shipped. Or maybe I could split it even with the buyer. I’ll try to go get a quote today. I’ll let you know.

What is your zip code?

My zip code is 10502

I just package the unicycle and went to UPS for a quote. They are charging $46.40 UPS 3-Day Ground. Would you be willing to pay $20 towards the shipping?

Damn that’s expensive shipping haha I think what you are offering is extremely reasonable but I don’t know if it’s in my budget yet (going back to school in a couple weeks). If somebody else is interested go for it and if not I’ll shoot you a pm in a few weeks when my job situation is more concrete and stuff

I thought the shipping was high as well, just went to USPS they quoted me considerably less. I’ll now do $250 shipped and insured to $300 if you’re still interested. Also, if you pay with paypal, I can ship it out today. You could have it by the 18th.

Hi my Name is Tim Brown,
I’m in the market for a 29 inch Ride. I wasn’t considering used cycles but I stumbled across your posts while doing research.
I might be new to the sport but I’m not new to rust. It’s a killer! After viewing your pictures I’m wondering why you would ever store it outside under a tarp? Nice ride but the rust is an issue.
Look I’ll be honest a Brand new one is $350 with free shipping to my door with a warranty. Yours is a little scraped up, slightly used, seat has ware, has rust, and I have no warranty if this thing falls apart on me. If your serious about selling this thing i have cash and use paypal and am willing take a risk if its worth a risk. I’ll do $200 shipped to 08618 address. Other wise I’m thinking in the box new is my best bet.
Figured I’d drop a line. Let me know.

Website with new cycle: