Nimbus 29"

Can you use this for light Muni? It says you can, but im wondering how it would hold up/how much abuse it can actually take…
Anyone had any experience with it?

The stock cranks (Qu-Ax) aren’t really MUni-safe, but you can upgrade those for not much dough. The rim is single-wall, so it’s not as strong as a real MUni rim, but if you’re not taking it off big drops it’ll probably be fine. The frame clearance is a bit low for some of the beefier 29er tires but there should be some reasonable options.

You might want to think about the Nimbus Nomad, which is a better stock MUni setup:

Ive seen that one, but i dont really like the white on it :stuck_out_tongue: Any others besides a KH muni that would work well?

Im not sure if i want a 29 or 26 yet… I like the 29 for speed, but theres more choices for 26 munis

I use that one for muni. Most of my rides have been winding single track with roots and rocks and stuff – nothing really technical. I’ve taken it off drops about a foot high with no trouble. I haven’t broken it, so I can’t say how much abuse it can take. If your idea of light muni is the same as mine, then it should work.

After watching Jamie do this: (goto 1:45)
I’ve switched to using it as is for most of my Muni (mostly cross country.)
The fat slick tyre is remarkably good in sand :0 :slight_smile:

Jamie can do anything. That said, a (wide) street tire works pretty well for MUni as long as the rocks are dry. Back in the day, we rode plain old “regular” square taper unicycles, with knobby tires, because that’s what was available. They lasted pretty well, as long as you didn’t abuse them too much. If you do, eventually you have to replace cranks or a hub.

If you’re in Florida, I know you don’t have too much elevation to deal with, but I have no idea of the difficulty of trails there. If they get muddy/swampy, that can be a lot of work to ride through, but still workable with square taper within reason.

Oh, but I notice the Nimbus Touring has a splined hub. Should be great for all but really punishing, bumpy Florida trails (for 29" wheels). And it’s great-looking. If a crank bends, upgrade then. :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding light muni on the blue version of this unicycle for several years. I usually run KH double hole cranks, but have also used the cheap Qu-Ax cranks with no problem. I don’t go off drops more than 12 inches, usually much less than that.

I have used a WTB Nanoraptor 2.1 almost exclusively.

I plan to keep riding more aggressively until the rim gives out…then upgrade time :slight_smile:

So just about everything sounds good for this Uni… I like it, but I’ve got those two little voices saying 29 29 29!!! 26 26 26!!! Lol. What is the overall speed difference for a 26 and 29? I occasionally go on bike rides with my family(im on my 20") and they get grumpy when the whole ride is 5 mph for 6 miles.

Down here in sunny florida(not so sunny right now actually:p) there is about 20+ miles of trail about 20 minutes from my house. I went b*king on it a few days ago, and most of it was flat, bumpy trail. Although that was only the green trail… So im not sure what everything else is like, i kinda need to get out there.

I really enjoy the 26" for trails, both exploring new ones and riding familiar ones. But I’d have to say that a 29" would be better for mixed on/off-road use, especially if there are bikes involved.

It’s basically proportional to the wheel size, modified by crank length and the type of tire being used. A 26" and a 29", both running the Big Apple and identical cranks, will differ by a little more than 10%. A 26" with a fat MUni tire at low pressure would be somewhat slower.

If they’re on bikes, get the 29er.

I have been having the same debate as you for a while now.

If you are looking at getting it before November, then your decision might be made up for you. The 26-inch Nimbus MUNI’s are out of stock until then. The “Club” version of the Nimbus 26 would probably not be good since they have a warning “don’t drive off a curb.” hahah…

If you go Qu-Ax, you can get it now, but you will have to pay extra shipping charges from Canada. I finally ended up getting a 24-inch Nimbus MUNI because I know it is strong enough to do whatever I want for the next few years. It isn’t as fast as I would like, but I can always buy shorter cranks for it. The 24 also gives me the option of trying some trials type stuff on the street when I get more experience.

Anyway, good luck with your decision.

BTW, also just saw your post about riding with the family. I am in the exact same situation. My 5 year old on a bike (with 12 inch wheels) can leave me in the dust on my 20-inch trainer. My 24-inch Nimbus MUNI will arrive tomorrow and I’m gonna try to ride the trails with him this weekend (flat and slightly bumpy wide-track). I’m hoping I can at least keep the family within sight now. I may end up getting a 29-inch trainer later for the neighborhood pavement rides.

EDIT: The other option is to teach my 5-year old son to ride UNI. I haven’t been able to convince him to try it yet.

Thats what i was thinking of. Im being very picky though, as in i dont really like the round crown, or the colors! :o

As in when i get the uni, its about a 99% chance it would not be before november… But i am leaning toward the 29er, for a reason i dont know why. lol

And then i started looking at the KH. I like the flat crown on them, but nimbus doesnt have flat crown 29ers. hmm… decisions :thinking: :thinking:

You could change the colours on the Nimbus Nomad quite easily. Seatpost clamps and pedals come in a variety of colours, and seat handles and bumpers are available in black.

Spray paint, Holmes. If you don’t like the colors, then change them.

I know i can rattle can it… But how tough is the paint? as in, is one little chip in the paint gonna grow?

The nomad isnt bad, so if i asked UDC for black pedals/seatpost clamp/and bumpers, do you know if they would switch at no cost?

Also saw this, it looks the same as the touring 29er, just with a double wall rim. This might work even better…

I have asked UDC about switching out tires on brand new unicycles, and they told me I have to purchase the parts separately and get the install done myself. I guess it might be different for other parts, but I dont’ know.

I just emailed UDC about swapping the bumpers and stuff. Lets see what they say…

this is me on my modified road nimbus 29er ( with standard single wall rim ) with wtb stout tyre and t7 touring handle and magura hs 22 brake, riding mountian mayhem 24hs ive thrown some serious abuse and to be the only thing to break on it was the KH ajustible seatpost ( which broke about 3 mile into the practice lap) so yeah

why would you need a flat crown you not gonna be putting your feet up there :stuck_out_tongue: round crown = less welds

also theres a set of “cheap” qu ax allmium 145 cranks and there some of the best cranks i have ( i kinda love the ventures too though ) i dont think i would appreciate spinning those heave moments they could be sooo much lighter !!!

I know i wouldnt put my feet up, i just like the looks of the flat crown:p

As for the cranks, i like the double hole cranks… Having the 125’s for say riding with family on bikes, and then having 150’s for MUni. Although it will be more weight :frowning:

Nice set up on the 29er though! How well does the t7 handle work?