Nimbus 29" with Extras!!

Nimbus 29" ISIS with 145mm Qu-Ax cranks, WTB Stout tire, and Kris Holm Fusion Freeride saddle. Includes the original Nimbus gel saddle, Big Apple tire and a Nimbus 29" flat top frame.

The KH seat is brand new and the WTB tire has little to no tread wear. The pedals are scratched up a bit but everything else is in excellent condition. I find that I do very little long trail rides so I’m going to get a trials rig.

Located in Greenville, Tx (about 40 miles east of Dallas).

Asking $300 for the whole package!

I may be interested… I have a trials uni I don’t really use, maybe we could work something out. Feel free to pm me


PM Sent yesterday…

seriously, why post it for sale if you wont reply to pm’s or questions. If you sold it, please close the thread.

If you look at his profile you can see he hasn’t logged on since 2nd June. Give him a break, some people don’t or can’t log on every single day.


Sorry guys, I thought had this setup to email me when I got a reply. It’s still for sale. I have it listed on ebay:

I just relisted this at a lower price. I’m surprised it didn’t sell the first time around!