Nimbus 29 Muni ( New Frame )

I purchased this new model today. It is the steel Nimbus 29 with a Duro Crux 29x3.25 tire. The older frames would not allow you to run this big of a tire. The new frame also has the disc tab on the frame so you don’t have to use the d brake. The muni also comes with a a disc hub as well so it is disc brake ready. This is my first time riding the new nimbus stadium saddle which I have to say it feels pretty good. My other 2 muni’s have the KH freeride. I like how the nimbus saddle is a little flatter than the KH freeride. But it is a little firmer as well.
My other 2 muni’s are KH24 and kh26. I bought this to ride more XC trails. My main muni is the kh26 with a surly 26x3 knard. I love the knard on hard surface but in the mud it stinks. The 29 crux went through the same xc with ease compared to the knard. I went to UDC and picked up the muni, while there I compared this Nimbus 29 muni against the oracle 32 they had on the floor. This setup ( 29 ) was about 1/2 inch smaller than the oracle 32. I had them put the 165 cranks on it but after riding it a few minutes I decided to put my kh150 on there and it was perfect. I also had a extra set of brakes i put on the muni. Looking at the tire clearance on the frame I believe you could easily run a 32 wheel and tire on this frame.

Muni 29 pic1.jpg

muni 29 pic 2.jpg

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Cool!!! I was wondering when the Nimbus brand (minus the Hatchet) would widen their frames to accommodate the wider tire trend. I’m also very glad to see they ditched the D-brake.

reverse image

Second photo shows seat turned around backwards. You reversed the image. What do I win?

You get a cookie

Awesome! But those aren’t 29+ muni-cookies!

How do you like the monster muni? Does that huge tire squirm on the ‘narrow’ rim? How does the Crux compare to other 29" tires.? Is it all the goodness KH says of it?

Put some better pedals on it, eh? When I go back to those wellgos my feet slip around a bunch at just the worst time when trying to make hard moves.

They could be if you have a 4 foot inseam lol
The only ride I have done on it was a 6 and a 11 mile dirt road ride. With a few rough sections but nothing as far as hard core muni riding. I’m about 200lbs and run the tire with 24psi and I didn’t have any issues. This setup the tire handled really good on the camber compared to my Knard 26x3 on the same trail. It was night and day. With the 29x3.25 being the better tire for this particular ride. I did change the pedals. I just didn’t have them with me at the time of the ride. As I picked up the muni and went straight for a ride

Recycle the Knard. It’s got a mind of its own and it will never wear out. I think kris went back to the duro leopard on the last 26 edition. Even tho it’s a big fly wheel at least you can steer it. The surly dirt wizard also works well without being as heavy.

24psi is very firm for the crux. I’d imagine you could easily ride it at 14-18. But if it’s fun, it’s fun!

That’s one machine. I have a 29” oracle running maxxis 2.4. I am just wondering what model this one is. Is it an oracle? It doesn’t look like anything that is offered in Australia.

This is the new steel frame. They are also making the new oracle frame with the same dimensions. So both will fit the wider tires and both have the disc tab welded on the frame so you don’t have to use the d-brake. I’m almost certain this frame could host a 32 inch wheel set. As I was onsite at UDC comparing this muni next to the oracle 32 they had onsite.

When did they start putting out these new frames in the US?

Thinking about going this way

Anyone know how big of a tire this frame can handle? I like it and it is $300 cheaper than the hatchet.

Mine has a 3.25 tire and it has about a 1/2 inch of room on each side of the tire. It may fit a 4 inch tire

Thank you Strokin99.

That sounds like plenty of tire for me! We don’t do a lot of snow or sand riding in Oklahoma!

This is my third unicycle I bought the other two both being 20", when I pulled this out of the box I thought I’d bitten off more then I could chew. Rode it with the seat as low as I could go and it was extremely hard. When I chopped off ten centimetres off the seat post then I started making progress. I was just amazed at how much faster it was then the 20" and this took me a while to get comfortable with the speed.

The “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” moments have been one of the best things about unicycling. Congratulations on your progress!

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