Nimbus 29" MT Unicycle Blue

I relearned how to ride a uni on a Nimbus 26" after 40 years of not riding. Then I went to this Nimbus 29" which I only rode for about 6 months before going to a KH 36".

I bought it from UDC with the KH 127/150 cranks and with the Maxxis tire and Foss tube. I put a Kenda small block eight rood tire on it which I did most of my riding (I will send both tires with the sale).

The frame doesn’t seem to have a mark on it, still bright blue. The pedals are ok, and the Nimbus seat has some marks on the back, but other then that it is in good shape.

With the KH cranks and the road tire I have over $450.00 in it. I am asking $200.00.

I live in Southern California, near Riverside. It would be nice if I could sell it close by but will take it to a bike shop to have it boxed up if I have to send it.

So I am asking $200.00 + shipping for a good condition Nimbus 29" MT

I know someone who may be interested. Pictures would be great and I can pass them along.

picture of my 29"

picture of my 29"


Thanks. I will pass it along and see what he says. It’s my brother actually, and not a member here.

PM sent.

sorry I cant open the pm for some reason

I finally got it open, PM sent


I’m also interested. Let me know.

Uni sold

Thank you all for the interest but it has been sold

This thing is in great condition. One couldn’t ask for better in a used unicycle. I’m glad I found this.