Nimbus 26er Muni

I bought this brand new last summer. Put about 50-60 miles on it. I plan on upgrading to a KH29. I will be keeping the brake. The tire has about 50% wear on it. The rim has been rubbed by the brake pads. Scuffs and scrapes in the paint but nothing serious. I also washed it after every ride. I can take more detailed pics if you guys want.

Asking 250+shipping

Right Side

Left Side


It’s $320 new shipped from UDC, mit even go on sale…

I know someone who might be interested, but you need to drop your price.

Let me know.

Interested. PM’ed.


Shoot me an offer.

where are you located? not really interested per-say but you never know


may be interested. whats the lowest you’d sell it for

PM’ed again, but didn’t receive a reply.

still interested. pm’ed again(still no reply from either though)

Decided not to sell it. Sorry guys.

that’s disappointing:(