Nimbus 26 Steel Muni - Red

Nimbus 26 Steel Muni - Red:

This is a well-loved Nimbus steel 26 mountain uni.

The frame and cranks have their share of battle scars but they are all cosmetic. The wheel is true with a few minor scuffs on the rim. The hub is in good shape with no issues or creaks. Saddle and post are fine.

I’m asking $200 + Shipping from Southern AZ 85602. I take Paypal.


It is spec’d close to the nimbus red 26 mountain unicycle on UDC.

Frame - Nimbus Steel 26 Muni frame - red (with Nimbus 2 bolt seat clamp)

Wheel - Nimbus dominator 2 laced to a Kris Holm Moment hub

Tire - Duro Wildlife Leopard 26 ( about 75% tread left). The tire is setup tubeless, but I can changed it back to a tube if desired.

Cranks - Super stout tubular cromoly 152mm ISIS cranks. Cranks have a low Q-factor like Nimbus cranks.

Seatpost - Nimbus 25.4mm x 200mm aluminum 4 bolt

Saddle - Velo Uni saddle ( like way-old KH / Nimbus) - This saddle has had the base flattened and the foam carved down with a center channel added. This greater comfort on longer rides and makes the shape more similar to a current KH Freeride ( but slightly flatter and the foam is noticeably softer).

Pedals - Cheapo used plastic pedals - they work fine, but you’ll want to replace them.


Tire - I can swap the Duro for a used Hans Dampf Super Gravity tire for a lighter more nimble feel. This tire can also be setup tubeless or tubed.

Cranks - I can swap the 152mm cranks for a set of used qu-ax 145mm cranks (

Saddle - I can include a Kris Holm Freeride saddle for $50 extra.

Brake - I can include/install a Magura HS-11 Hydro rim brake kit with an under-the-seat lever mount for $50 extra. These brakes are light, out-of-the-way, and stop well (esp. in dry conditions).

Nimbus Muni - Shipping

I forgot to mention shipping info on this.

Shipping is from 85602

Box is 27 x 27 x 8 inches, 13 lbs

Still for sale?

Send me a note.


Still for Sale.

Saddle Option change - I no longer have the KH Freeride as an option, but I of have a KH street instead (still +$50)

Pedals Options: I will add your choice of clear plastic/blue Wellgo pinned pedals (the ones that come stock on KH unis) or a set of pink Try-all aluminum pinned pedals (identical to gusset Slim Jim LB pedals) instead of the crummy black ones its pictured with.

This uni is sold. I still have a Nimbus 24 available in another post. Thanks.