Nimbus 26" muni

I have a excellent condition black 26 muni, was bought this year for £255 on - I have installed a magura HS11 brake and a new white double clamp (altogether cost around £310). It is in very good condition and has no scratches on it. The only marks is on the seat bumpers.

Im looking for £200 including shipping to anywhere in the UK


PRICE DROP £180 inc postage


Could we get a picture? Thanks!

here ya go. sorry about the quality…


Wow, i like the “bad” looks of this.

Is the frame high gloss or matt finished?



P.S.: Just one question, how much would it cost to post this to austria?


So appr. 210£ all in all.

Very tempting.



this is still available

Price drop £160. Not going any lower

Very tempted dude - gimme a shout later in the week (when I’ve been paid) if nobody else buys it, and I’ll see how I feel then.

Ok after a bit of debating I’ve decided I’ll have it.

I can pay up on Wednesday assuming you can hold it for me until then.



yea thats fine, i can hold it for you

This is now sold

sorry, this is NOT sold due to time wasters

This is now sold to mowcius. Hope you have fun on it.


uni box opened.jpg

uni box.jpg

Glad we cleared that one up :slight_smile:

I look forward to receiving it - whenever that may be due to the Christmas post slowdown.

Do you have another unicycle or are you quitting altogether?



no ive still got my trials one, im only selling this one because there is barely anything offroad around my house…

Nowhere near Ashton Court then?

Ahh I see - yeah I went that way - sold my first 24 to get a 20, then realised I wanted a 24 again so bought another one (but a KH so rather lighter and nicer than my old Qu-Ax). Then got bored with going slowly (and got a job) so bought my KH 29er, now I’m still bored of going slowly so want a Schlumpf…

Don’t make him regret selling it! :wink:

haha i wont regret selling it, i havent even rode it for about a month…