Nimbus 26" Muni

I’m selling a 26" Nimbus Muni. Older style, square tapered hub. Nearly new Nimbus Venture cranks(seriously ridden maybe 5 times). I also upgraded it to allen bolts instead of the old socket-style ones. No slipping or clicking issues in the cranks/hub. Duro Leopard tire. I’ll also include a Berm, Master 2.3" cruiser-style tire with tube.

Looking for $175 shipped to anywhere in the continental US(lower 48).

I’d also be willing to trade for a comparably priced trials/street uni. I also have the longneck freestyle Torker LX Pro Tall ISIS for sale in another thread for $130 shipped. Torker LX Pro Tall w/upgrades If you’re interested in both, I’d do $280 shipped or, trade for a reasonable trials/street unicycle.


I know this may sound weird… But what did you think of the tyres?? =)

I’m not interested in buying so please don’t say they’re amazing if they aren’t… =P


The Berm is just a big, cruiser tire. It works fine for street. As for the Leopard, I got it in the condition that it’s in now so, I don’t know how it performs new but, it’s great for me. It works well under low pressure and high(I keep it fairly high because of my weight). I’d definitely recommend it for Muni.

Hi hydrophidian,

I’m considering buying, but I have some questions.

Will this fit me? I’m 5’11", 170 lbs. with 30" inseam without shoes.
This will be my first unicycle. Is that okay?
Can I ride on pavement with this? In snow?
What does it weigh?

Thank you, and once again I’m very interested–it looks nice.

Oh, and what is the crank length?

Thank you.

I’m 6’5" and weigh 240lbs and I ride it just fine. The buddy of mine that I bought it from is(approximately)5’10 and 160lbs and he rode it just fine. I think your body size will be just fine.

As for your first unicycle, that just depends on what you want out of a unicycle. If you’re looking to get into freestyle, I’d say no but, if you’re looking to ride on the road or off-road, I’d say definitely. My first unicycle was a 24" Muni. Do you already know how to ride or, will you be learning on this?

You can, theoretically, ride anywhere you want on this. I rode mainly on the street with the cruiser tire until I got the Duro and now I ride both. It handles on-road and off-road very well. It’s much faster than a 20" uni would be so commuting would be better on this. Snow would be alright but, make sure to clean it off when you’re done riding every time or you’ll start rusting out some of the parts.

I just weighed it on my bathroom scale at 15lbs.

Cranks are 150mm.

Hope this answered your questions.

What parts are Nimbus, is it only the cranks or frame also? What are the seat and tire?
Yes, I will be learning on it.
Thank you for answering my questions, I’m still very interested.

The frame and cranks are Nimbus. Everything on the unicycle is stock(as you would get it new), except for the cranks. Those I just bought recently and replaced the ones that were on it so, they’re nearly brand new.

The tire is a Duro Wildlife “Leopard”, 26"x3.0".

The saddle is a standard, saddle. It’s all black except that it has the words embroidered in the back. There are some tears in the leather of the saddle. It’s not pretty but, it doesn’t effect the ride at all. It’s identical to this one except that it says instead of Nimbus.

I’m also including a Berm “Master” cruiser tire. 26"x2.3". A spare tube that fits this tire will also be inlcuded.

Most people find smaller diameter tires easier to learn on but, you can learn on anything. I find larger wheeled unicycles easier to ride because there’s a slower response time. Meaning that, you’re less likely to over-pedal or, over-turn. The larger tires also help with stability. More surface area touching the ground means that you won’t be accidentally turning as much when you first start.

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Whoever is buying from hydrophidian, can you please let me buy it instead?

Especially if you already have a unicycle… I don’t even have a unicycle and I really want this one…

If you’re willing to pay the full, $175 shipped, I’ll sell it to you. You jumped onto the thread and convinced the other interested people(2 other members, willing to pay full price) not to buy it so, I see no reason to offer you a lower price. If I give it to you for the lower price, I just lost that much money for no reason. I know that you’re broke right now but, if I weren’t so broke right now, I wouldn’t even be selling it.

Price is $175 shipped. FIRM. Sorry.

We have a deal. PM sent.